Tough Love Season 3 Episode 2

Season 3 Ep 2 10/2/2011 Texting, Google and Facebook have become useful tools for dating in this digital age. But these tools must be used with care or they could ruin any potential relationship ... Tough Love Season 2, Episode 5 ***Season Finale - February 14th at 9:30 pm EST*** Join us for the Finale Party in NYC: Follow Us: https://www.F... Directed by Rachel Feldman. With Nathan Fillion, Mekia Cox, Alyssa Diaz, Richard T. Jones. The rookies are asked to develop their first confidential informants; Officer Chen's mother complicates her home life when she comes to stay with her. Tough Love is the third episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. It features the debut of the Red Ranger's Ninja Super Steel Mode. 1 Synopsis 2 Plot 3 Cast 4 Ninja Power Stars 5 Errors 6 Notes 7 See Also 8 References Levi tries to change himself to impress a mysterious street performer. Spyclops and Madame Odius make a spell disguised as a piece of music to make a ranger Evil. The rangers ... Home Tough Love Season 3, Episode 2 (Full Episode) Tough Love Season 3, Episode 2 (Full Episode) 712 views. Published 3 years ago Lights on/off; Share ***Next Episode is December 26th at 9:30 pm EST!*** If you enjoyed this, please SHARE IT. CAST. Monica Natalie Jacobs Alicia Ebony Obsidian ... Season 5, Ep 10 Paj Proposes To Lisa. Paj and Lisa get engaged in front of Steve and all of the Tough Love boot campers. 10/23/13 The unbreakable love story of Brandon 'Fame' Marshall and D'Angelo 'Knock Out' Marquis. Specialist #2 – Dana D’Ascoli Specialist #3 – Kim Akia Specialist #4 – Yuval David Mr. Duvall – Joey Marshall Construction Worker #1 – Samson Debela Construction Worker #2 – Juan Torres Business Owner – Damali Elliott Business Owner #2 – Andrew Borden-Chisolm. Key Production Assistant – Amos Antoine Wardrobe Stylist – T ... 'Tough Love' is the fifth episode of thesecond season on The Rookie.This is the twenty-fifth episode of the series overall. 1 Summary 2 Cast 2.1 Main 2.2 Guest starring 2.3 Co-starring 3 Trivia 4 Quotes 5 Transcript As part of their second phase of training, the rookies are asked to develop their first confidential informants. Officer Nolan soon discovers that no two informants are the same ... Season 5, Ep 1 Venus and Mars Collide. Tough Love is back and this season comes with a twist - Boot camp has gone Co-Ed! Steve Ward and his sister Monica head to the City of Angels, where he'll ...

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2020.10.23 23:06 Sayonorah8 Unpopular Opinions (SPOILERS)

  1. I really like every guy that Buffy has dated (excluding Parker of course). I feel like it was a good transition to show Buffy having a tough time learning about herself. She dated Angel, which symbolized innocence and a glamorized look through dating as a young woman. Riley, a "normal guy" that she struggles having a "normal" relationship with, who ends up leaving her. Finally, Spike, which shows that she's given up on love especially in season 5/6 because hooking up with someone she doesn't love means it doesn't matter if they leave her.
  2. I really never got behind Angel and Cordeila. I felt like everything they did together was forced. I liked Cordelia's redemption arc in Angel, but I believe they were better off as co-workers and close friends.
  3. I don't love Dawn, as she reminds me of my siblings, but I think she was important to the story. Buffy had lost so much up to this point in the show (college, friends, her mom, relationships) and the fact that she had someone that she was quite literally connected to helped her through her depressive phase. Plus, the Scoobies were too powerful at this point, so introducing a dumb teenager back into the series was perfect.
  4. I really enjoyed "Superstar." I know it isn't a favorite among Buffy fans, but I think it was a good way to introduce Jonathan, so everyone would know who he was for season 6. I also think character-centric episodes like Fool For Love and The Wish are such fun episodes to watch to break up a lot of the tension, plus "Superstar" was a pretty funny episode.
  5. I don't find any of Oz's episodes particularly interesting. I often find myself skipping them in my watch-through. I think Oz is a funny side character, but the werewolves never peak my interest.
  6. I think Once More With Feeling is a such a sad episode. Yes, it has comedic parts, but the fact that the only reason people tell the truth in the Buffyverse is when they're under a spell. Spike's unrequited love, Buffy's depression, Xander and Anya's soon to be failed marriage, Tara being madly in love with Willow, yet she's being lied to and manipulated. Of course, the final reveal Buffy being pulled out of heaven no doubt is sad, but everything leading up often gets missed.
  7. Giles was selfish for leaving in season 6. He had no reason to go back to England other than to get away from the chaos that was plaguing Sunnydale. Her mother had died, she had no money, her sister is irresponsible and she's still in charge of saving the world. Not to mention her horrible depressive stage she was in. Giles was supposed to be her watcher until she died and for some reason, even after he had been fired from the Watcher's Council, he suddenly felt he had no obligation to her.
Let me know what you guys think!
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2020.10.23 20:43 BrotherHurricane 2002 Colin Quinn show

Hey guys, been going through all the old O and A material with Patrice O'Neal throughout these last few months. I loved his work on Tough Crowd and I just remembered about a 3 episode season of its predecessor called the Colin Quinn show in 2002 on NBC. Does anyone know where I can find those episodes? I recall seeing a couple when I was a kid and laughing hysterically. Would be quite a gem to find!!!!
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2020.10.23 15:28 JokoFloko S1E11 - Hug

A developer comes to Smallville to build an industrial plant and brings with him baggage, bad intentions, and the meteorite-induced ability to impose suggestions on the minds of anyone with whom he comes into skin-to-skin contact. This includes Lex (whom he is trying to outmaneuver) and Jonathan (whom he is trying to buyout of his farm). A mysterious hermit might have the answers to what's happening, but he has to survive long enough to be of help... and teen chaos ensues.
Production Notes
First, I've watched this twice and still have no idea why it is called "Hug." Maybe everyone just needs one?
This opening scene with the group on horseback is a nice changeup. It gets the trio in the woods, though the reason it's the three of them... alone... is unexplained. Then, Lana drops back to get Chloe's dropped camera (why didn't Chloe get it?) and screams out. We later find out the horse was spooked and threw her. But, the scream for help results in Clark dismounting his horse. Now, I admit, the first thing I thought was, "Why doesn't he ride the horse back?! It's faster!" Of course, I then remembered that he was Superman... and no, it wasn't. But, more importantly, Chloe apparently doesn't think it's odd that Clark dismounts, either. And, she thinks he's just Clark. But, whatever.
We rejoin the group at the coffee shop, and I am reminded that I had forgotten how much of the early episodes had scenes there. It had just completely slipped my mind... but these kids spend a lot of time there. We follow up that scene with the FotW (bad version) Bob Rickman (which, by the way, is totally a salesman name) showcasing his talent by corrupting Whitney into stomping off into the woods to kill FotW (good version) Kyle Tippet. Clark stops Whitney, but we are gifted a nice slo-mo recreation of the knife shattering from a few episodes earlier... this time with a baseball bat. I had also forgotten how many times the show went to that particular well early in the run.
Following this, we have Lana come at Clark for being Jealous of Whitney, assuming that's why he isn't defending her boyfriend when he says that Kyle was the one that attacked him. This the week after he halts the growing feelings between them because Whitney needs her to help him through tough family times. In a week, she's gone from respecting Clark's decision to assuming he has ulterior motives. This is just a small window into the coming Lanastorm of dislike I have for her. I know this one is on the writers, but the seesawing of reactions to completely benign events is jarring. Lana downvotes:1.
Finally, we get to the scene that we know is coming; Rick Bobman shows up at the Kent farm to convince Jonathan to sell... and tries to get a handshake to use his powers (the first time, Jonathan has gloves on, so no dice). When he comes up empty with simple charms, Man Rickbob fakes a twisted ankle to get Jonathan to come over and help him up. This is silly... Jonathan respects respect. All Mob Bickman needed to do was say, "I understand," and reach out his hand. C'mon now. Writers dropped the ball here.
In an interesting twist, the producers also went a different way with the meteor freakiness. Here, the villain's gift works on everyone else. Clark shakes Bobby's hand, and there is no effect. So, an affected person, in this case, doesn't negatively affect Clark at all. He doesn't sense the meteor inside Bobby, nor does he drop to his knees due to its kryptonite influences. I suppose making Clark a victim of this guy would have opened up plotlines that they didn't have time to explore.
All in all, I did not love this episode. It has great Lex scenes, and Welling does a great job showing sympathy as Clark for what Kyle is going through, isolating himself to keep from being tempted to use his powers for his own ends. But, the FotW storyline seems like filler here. I think I'd rather they'd simply taken this episode to make a character-driven, no-meteorite-freak episode. I don't recall them doing that, especially this early in the run.
Notable Guest Stars
Greg Sporleder (Kyle Tippet) - He's not well-known unless you repeatedly watch military and action flicks, but Sporleder pops up pretty often in a This-Guy-Is-a-Bad-Soldier roles. He's been in dozens of things, both before and after Smallville, but I recognized him immediately as one of the evil cohorts of Ed Harris' sympathetic lead villain. He's popped up all over the place in other military roles (Renaissance Man, S.W.A.T...). Others might remember him from True Blood or a Criminal Minds/American Horror Story/Son of Anarchy true thread.
Rick Peters (Bob Rickman) - I mean, of course this actor's name is Rick Peters. Anyways... he's not well-known, but he's been in a ton of minor roles. The real reason I threw his name on here is - I kid you not - he landed a pretty major role in the never-made-it-past-the-pilot Aquaman series that had Justin Hartley (Green Arrow himself) in the title role. The show was a casualty of the CW/WB merger, and I would have loved to see this show. But, I'm sure we all agree Hartley was better suited as Oliver Queen on Smallville. I doubt Aquaman really had momentum to last... I mean, he talks to fish. I watch The Boys... I don't want to see the scene where Justin Hartley is arrested for liberating a dolphin from an aquarium. Actually...
Superman Mythos
For the first time, a FotW (good version) knows about Clark's powers and presumably keeps them secret. To this point, anytime Clark takes down a villain or saves someone, he does so anonymously and the world is none the wiser... in general. But, Kyle knows Clark has a gift... and he disappears into the world. It's the first of many.
Villain rating
Bob Rickman (no direct comic analogue)
Threat level ★☆☆☆☆
Casting ★☆☆☆☆
Overall ★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Bobrick ManBearPig is a weak character and villain, overall. The casting is ok only in that Rick Peters has one of those salesmen smiles. In that regard, the casting is perfect. That being said, I don't like slimy salesman (regular salesmen are fine), and the character is horrible even if the actor plays him well. The threat is minimal, as well, since his powers don't work on Clark. It's impactful to those around him, but Clark can easily take this guy. As with most of the FotW in the first season, the villains were not even close to the physical equals of Clark (that would have been too pricey for the show's budget). They hover on the edges of psychological threats instead of toe-to-toe fighters.
Memorable Quotes
Clark discussing where he sees himself when he's older (oh, you Smallville writers you...)
Clark: "As long as it doesn't involve putting on a suit and doing a lot of flying."
Kyle is being asked to demonstrate his powers of persuasion to a skeptical Chloe and Clark... oof.
Clark: "It's dangerous."
Chloe: "I'm used to living on the edge."
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2020.10.22 23:18 shukalaila My review on Grisaia No Kajitsu/Meikyuu/Rakuen

WARNING - There will be some spoilers and I tried to put as many spoilers warning as i could, but I might miss some, so the reading is on you.
Just finished the last episode of The eden of grisaia and I just want to say, wow. I never thought I can get so happy, sad, fearful or emotional over an anime. I haven't read the manga (not planning to), played the visual novels (maybe in the far future) or watched the movied (asking for you advide if I should or not). So i want to tell how I felt about each part.
General - Mostly in Kajitsu and Rakuen, the combination of the childish screaming and over cartooning while adding a depressing side, is absolutely genius, and I have to take down my hat for that. The anime knows when to hit you hard right in the heart, and in the same episode create the warmest smile you had in a long while.
Grisaia No Kajitsu - I want to say I am a huge fan of how they made it. Telling each girl's story really helps knowing the characters more, and adding a new side of view. In the end of the season I thought about Yuji's story not being told, and thought about that and became kind of disappointed, but later I discovered that there is more seasons, and I was ok. My favorite backstory is Amane's one, because it really was terifying watching the episodes, and overall she was my favorite main-side character.
Grisaia No Meikyuu - I just want to say, people that say anime is childish and won't get emotinal over cartoons - watch this episode (if you count it as one) right now. After finishing it I legit wanted to cry like a little bitch because of all the things he got though. The parts that hit me the hardest were (Spoiler alert) - The bread scene when his sister saw him putting it in the water and the scene when his mother killed herself. dang it he had a fucked up childhood. The only thing that I didn't like was the incest scene. I mean, why was it necesary? To create a bond with his sister? There were totaly better ways to do that.
Grisaia No Rakuen - This is when the story of Yuji's "Master", asako, is being told. I think overall they made her character great, and (Spoiler alert) When she died, I was really sad for Yuji. The only thing that I didn't like about that was the fact that after Yuji being manipulated, abused and offended by so many people, They made her character really tough. I understand why they made it like that, but that is what I understood. (spoiler alert again sorry) His father not liking and ignoring him because of his sister -> his sister dying (they think that) that causes his father to attack and hurt him and his mother -> he killed his father, entered a terrorist camp, became a soldier with no choice... (you get the point). I don't think another person playing tough with him can help him became so nice, and I think she needed to show him more love a compassion than being a boss, which in my opinion will be more realistic for him to get attached to her. And the part when they freed Yuji from his death sentece and then fleeing from it seemed to me way to easy. I think if he was that dangerous there will be more than 3 cars and 1 helicopters guarding him, and overall the girl's plan went too perfect (although the terrorist side had the bomb, and the girls had his sister's brain so ill slick on that). The ending though when they were on that island was reallu heart warming.
Conclusion - I have no words. I think story wise this was the best Anime I watched in my entire life. I did hope thought that while the present story goes on, he will be more open and less apathetic, but according to his story, it is totally understandable. If there was a normal number to rank between 9.5 and 10 I would give it (I am not dumb, I just think it is weird to rate a series 9.75/10 lmao), but because there isn't, so I would rate it 10/10 masterpiece. There were some small parts that I didn't really like, but they were so minor that you can ignore them pretty much.
P.S. - 1 . English isn't my native language, but still I wanted to write all of the things i thought about it, so if i have a typo/grammer problem or anything like that, it would be nice if you will tell me so I will learn.
  1. It would be really interesting to read your thoughts on my review. It would be more than great if someone won't agree with me, and we can start a discussion and he can even maybe explain it better than me, but please try to stay respectful. Can't wait to see what you will right.
  2. Sorry for writing a long scroll, I just wanted to express all the feelling I had.
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2020.10.22 17:21 SuperMuCow Season 3 two-part premiere: Random thoughts from a first time watcher

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2020.10.20 23:45 Adam_The_Actor An Appreciation Thread - The Greatest Yu-Gi-Oh! Games ever made!

I'm sure for a lot of players and fans out there, it's been a rough year thanks to COVID. For me, it's made visiting my locals something I deeply miss. Which is why to scratch that itch for some card playing action and god damn has it been a learning experience. It's mind blowing to me that this franchise has spawned more than 30 games and so few of them are talked about. So this thread is for those, those who want to share memories and appreciation for the games they loved and the ones they hated and god damn this probably gonna be quite a thread. I'll list my shout outs for the ones listed below
Best Game in the franchise
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 - Reverse of Arcadia: As the penultimate game in the World Championship series, Reverse of Arcadia did not disappoint at all. It took the 3D world and game foundation that Stardust Accelerator introduced and improved on it spectacularly. It's got a fantastic story, some wonderfully varied dueling modes and so much content that 100%ing the game I'm convinced is a full time job. The World Championship series was always great at preserving older playable formats and Reverse of Arcadia is no exception to that.
Worst Game in the franchise
Destiny Board Traveller: I have absolutely no idea, what the point of this game is. It's essentially a party boardgame style set-up and the game doesn't really do a great job explaining it's own mechanics. Other games have introduced their own mechanics and turned out to be fun takes but sadly DBT really disappointed with a shallow set-up... that said it did come with D.D Assailant so... swings and round abouts I guess.
Underrated Game(s) in the franchise
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Wheelie Breakers: Now as much as I would have much preferred a stand alone turbo duel esque game I have to admit Yu-Gi-Oh! Kart isn't a half bad alternative. This games saving grace is the fact the card pool is surprisingly varied for a kart racer and can lead to hilarous back and forth. Decent game.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc V - Tag Force Special: This game is the final JP exclusive in the Tag Force franchise (which thanks to Clickclaxer01 and Omarrio does have an English translated version) and unlike the other TF games this one covers every single arc from Duel Monsters up until Arc-V. TF special is actually a surprisingly tough game but as a last hoorah for this series it's definitely a must play for those just want to engage with classic yugioh characters and competitive decks. Very good game (as is TF6) .
Weird YGO games that follow their own mechanics and cliff notes on them.
Capsule Monsters: Breed and Battle - One of only 2 games based on Season 0, this is based off the final episode featuring the board game between Yugi and Bakura. This game is all about breeding monsters to beat your opponents and honestly if you've ever played the PS2 Capsule Monsters you maybe surprised just how much it takes from this game. JPN exclusive. Also has a GB version.
Forbidden Memories: Simplified version of the YGO TCG where you can use a cards star alignment to give you a 500 ATK boost while battling. The result is a very fast paced, addictive version and abridged version of the DM anime and Manga. This game is canonically linked to Duelist of the Roses, Falsebound Kingdom and Dark Duel Stories.
Duelists of the Roses: The sequel that shares no mechanics with it's predecessor. This game plays like a board game in which your monsters type will grant it a power bonus or loss depending on the tile type it's standing on. You can use them to navigate the map and attack your opponents deck master which is the only way to deal DIRECT damage while they're moving across the board. Not a bad game.
Falsebound Kingdom: This is a real-time strategy game that focuses on a levelling system rather than anything similar to the card game. The story is set before battle city where we learn the name of one of Kaibacorps scientists is scott irvine. The antagonist of this game is Darknite same antagonist of the previous mentioned games.
The Sacred Cards & Reshef of Destruction: These games much like Forbidden Memories are also a simplified version of the card game though much closer to the card game introducing elements like the card graveyard and tribute summoning. Certain monsters in this game will also have advantage over other monsters depending on their type and will automatically destroy them when battling. The Sacred Cards is almost a direct retelling of Battle City but Reshef of Destruction the sequel is another beast entirely.
Reshef Of Destruction in addition to having it's own unique story featuring characters from Duel Monsters (and I'll admit I actually really like the story in this game, it even has a handful of side quests) added 2 mechanics to make this game the hardest game in the franchise. First off unlike every other game in the franchise, your life points are not restored between each duel in this game, if you ended your last duel on say 800 LP that's the LP total you'll have in the next duel (unless you save the game) and that could've made this an amazing game if the second mechanic "Deck Cost/Deck Capacity" didn't make the game a complete and utter slog. This mechanic drastically handicaps the cards you can have in your deck to the extent even if you win/buy powerful cards fair and square you will only be able to use certain ones when you're at a certain level and stupidly you only gain levels/more capacity against each character once... after that you can battle any character as many times as you want you'll get nothing for doing it. Overall this game is so almost good I want to say it's underrated.
And last but not least a fun bit of trivia.
The Vegabond from Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links has appeared in 9 Yu-Gi-Oh! Games to date, 8 of which he has appeared as the main protagonist. These games include all 7 Yu-Gi-Oh! Tag Force games and World Duel Carnival (which due to dialogue in TF Special has been confirmed as canonical to the Tag Force series) as well as Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, while the default 2nd player in Yu-Gi-Oh Tag Force Special appears as the vagrant. This characters outfit can also be unlocked in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2010 & Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011.
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2020.10.20 20:29 Notothat3 TOP 5 CHARACTERS? Best and Worse

I'm on season 5 epsiode 5 and was wondering what everyone else thinks about the characters.
My top 5 best and then top 5 worst characters
Best (no particular order)
MARIA I really enjoy her character as a leader she keeps her head on but isn't overtly cruel for no reason like EVERYONE else who gets even a little power.

Taystee I said no order but for me Taystee is number 1 easy, she's the most intelligent and realistic, she dosent give into racism or harsh guards/conditions - she looks at dealing with the situation at hand.

Black Cindy She's rude, outspoken and offensive - and I love her for it man she's the funniest character at times - whenever someone talks around her I always look for her facial expressions and she's a beast to always ready to get down for her girls but still emotionally intelligent.

Red Reds my second favourite character, absolute legend - hard as a rock and dosent give up. Ever, she gets along with everyone - in the first seasons I felt like she was all talk and no bite but in season 4 and 5 she's really come into her own not so stuck in her ways and feels like the mother of the prison

Caputo Caputo Jesus, this guy is the only guy really trying to do the right thing ...most of the time - but sometimes he's also an idiot who can't get out of his own way and it's really annoying especially with the PR fuckup.


Janae This is abit of a love hate - I'm a POC myself and ...I get the whole feeling like you have to work harder etc but she's never able to see the bigger picture - in season 5 I admire her passion but she's just annoying, compared to her Taystee has a much worse upbringing yet she's able to deal with problems on a realistic level headed fashion.
IMO struggles in life either make you determined or a victim and Janae literally chose to be a victim in her case - she chose to get into drugs for no reason she could've went and got a degree - Taystee was in foster care and no one wanted her but Vee and then made the choice to move away from Vee once she realised what was up. I have a strong disliking for Janae's character becuase she uses racism as an excuse to be stupid - she feels opressed so she bullies others who are different from her like SoSo for no reason?

Mr Healy
I actually liked him as a villain in season one, then he tried to have Piper killed and I lost interest in the character - then he got Berdie Rogers fired despite Soso clearly falling apart and that was it I just like yeah fuck this guy.
There's certain types of evil I find fun to watch on shows and his isn't it - it's like his character just has a evil deeds quota to fill each season then the rest of the time he's feeling sorry for himself - when he walked into the lake i wanted the character to die.

I'm fine with Angie most the time, she's funny - annoying to but in a kinda funny way - but when her and Leanne are leading episodes it seriously drags, their characters just aren't built for that at all.

I like Angie slightly more becuase she's less blatantly rude and offensive - Leanne's interactions with Soso under that whole Norma religion..thing, just made the character disgusting to me - maybe if she was less prominent I wouldn't dislike her as much.

At this point I don't even see Piper as the protagonist she becomes really unimportant which is fine but it kind of means she's just...there? She becomes insufferable with the whole panty thing, for me seeing her be tough was too cringey to watch - I think I actually skipped a scene or two - in season 5 she's really, really just there, she has no purpose and becomes really co dependant on Alex which gets old quickly - it was funny when she pushed the MCC woman against the wall in the bathroom but was speaking politely.
It's weird, I can't really tell what Piper's development is supposed to be so far - she's just used to prison I guess ? She's still just as self involved as she was in the start toward Alex - She's depressed perhaps? I don't know she really dosent do much which makes her less annoying - she's a very strange character.

Special mentions - Donut guy, he raped someone and for me that's the end of it, he's a creepy guy and I don't know why they keep trying to humanise him.
Humps - I'm glad this character died.
Dicotekki? Disoctekki? I forgot the characters name but - Suzanne's lovestalker - I don't strongly dislike her but seeing anyone try to force Suzanne into fighting her in a room full of people who aren't her friends is gonna make me dislike.thay character for some time.
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2020.10.20 14:31 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 20th, 2020

"Glamour: So when do you start filming and will there be any restrictions due to COVID-19?
Eboni K. Williams: We started filming a few weeks ago, and we're absolutely taking every precaution with COVID protocol. I take that very personally and seriously because I actually had a case of COVID. I was very sick for about six weeks back in April. Thank God I didn't have to be hospitalized, but I had no sense of taste or smell for about six weeks. I had extreme body aches. It was tough. And so, personally, I'm very hyper vigilant when it comes to respecting protocols and testing and procedure. I want to give a shout-out to Bravo and the entire production company because they're taking it extremely seriously and taking every precaution.
Glad to hear you’ve started filming and that you’re able to do so safely. I’m sure Bravo fans will be happy to hear that as well. Were you a fan of Real Housewives of New York? What made you decide to join the cast?
I am an unapologetic and proud Bravo fan, and I'm a fan of the franchise. I've been watching Real Housewives since it originated with Orange County some 15 or 16 years ago. I've seen every episode of RHONY as well, and RHONY really was always one of my favorite franchises because it represents boss women. New Yorkers, we have an edge. I'm a Southern transplant to New York, but I've been here for about six years now and it's the tempo, it's the pace, it's the direct way in which we communicate with each other and get shit done. That really attracted me to the franchise and the whole history of the vast majority of women that have held an apple.
When the opportunity arose, I had a lot of consideration around it. I'm a lawyer, so I'm classically trained in risk assessment and pros and cons and weighing things out. As fantastic and legendary as the franchise is, it was a very obvious point for one of the most predominant and preeminent cities in the world—which is New York City, that has a 26% Black populace and almost 30% Hispanic populace—to not have a single Black woman ever hold an apple. It just could no longer be the case. I feel blessed and uniquely positioned to show up and fill this gap and fill this void that’s long overdue. I'm excited to do this and really make season 13 RHONY something very special.
As Black women, we rarely just represent ourselves when it comes to navigating predominately white spaces. Does it feel daunting to know that you won’t just be representing yourself on RHONY but all Black women?
You're exactly right about that. I have a degree in Black studies from UNC Chapel Hill, my bachelor’s, and we talked about this in undergrad. The reality of when you are a minority of any kind is that you don't get to just show up individually. You are constantly representative of the collective. It's definitely not lost on me, and I call it my gracious responsibility as a Black woman. I'm not new to this. I'm new to reality television, but I'm not new to being the collective representative of Black womanhood. Frankly, I've been the first of a lot of things. When I first started practicing law, I was the first Black woman attorney and the only Black attorney, male or female, in my first law firm.
I know what it is to show up in all white spaces and having to be mindful of everything you say, everything you do, the way you show up aesthetically. All of it is scrutinized to the highest level. All of it tells a story. All of it represents what will be potential opportunities for all those that come behind you that look like you. That's very top of mind for me as I embark on season 13 of this platform, and I'm very excited to do it. Am I going to be the perfect representation of Black womanhood? Absolutely not. But I'm going to give it my damn best try.
I am so proud of Black women, who we have been historically, and who we are in this exact moment. Whether it's Kamala Harris on this presidential ticket as a vice-presidential candidate, whether it's Megan Thee Stallion and what she is doing for Black women in an unconventional but important way with messages around Black women matter. To just be a part of this national narrative of Black womanhood is my privilege. It really is. I love it. I'm excited about it.
We’re excited about having representation on the cast. Speaking of, how have you been getting along with the other cast members on the show? Does it feel good to start building those relationships?
It feels great. Going into this, I had an internal talk with myself. Although I'm a fan and I've seen every episode of RHONY, I intentionally divorced myself from that perception as I went into this experience. This is my real life, and I owe it to myself, I owe it to my castmates, and frankly, I owe it to our viewers to show up as a blank canvas in terms of my relationships and ability to connect with these women individually and organically and authentically.
It's been interesting so far. [Laughs.] Overall, I would say it's been positive. You guys will see when the show airs. These are very strong personalities. I'm not telling you anything you don't know. These women show up in their own level of dynamic auras, and I'm a force as well. You combine all of that into the gumbo pot and it makes for a lot of dynamics. But so far so good.
Leah McSweeney and I have been hanging out a lot off-camera outside of filming because we have a lot of organic, natural things in common beyond our age. We come from very different backgrounds. She's a born-and-bred New Yorker, and I'm definitely a proud daughter of the South from a single-parent background, first-generation college graduate, all kinds of stuff that make our stories very different, but there's a lot of commonality in the way we show up and navigate this space as women.
Then there's Luann [de Lesseps], who I've known casually throughout the years. We kind of found ourselves in similar social circles sometimes, and she's great. Luanne is Luanne. That's been fun hanging out with her in this capacity. And listen, I'm just meeting Ramona [Singer] and Sonja [Morgan]. I call them Frick and Frack. They are a powerhouse duo in their own right. They've been at it for 20-plus years in terms of their relationship and their friendship with each other. So sometimes it's a little hard to get in there when you're the newbie, and this thing has been a well-oiled machine for long before I got here. Ramona and Sonja, in particular, are very, very close and that's cool. That's great. I love best friendships. But does it feel like a third wheel type of thing sometimes? A little bit. They have been very gracious thus far in terms of at least being open to getting to know me. I think that's a good place to start.
I know you’re no stranger to TV, but have any of your current castmates or even previous Housewives or Bravo celebrities given you advice on handling this new level of visibility and celebrity?
Yeah, absolutely. You don't go into this thing in a vacuum. This is a whole universe at play, and I've been blessed to have preexisting friendships with Quad [Webb-Luncefordquad] from Married to Medicine. Quad called and offered her congratulations and some advice, which was, simply, “Be yourself. You are enough. Never feel any need to be extra or do the most.” She knows me and she knows the woman that I am and how I show up in spaces organically. And she said, “Your addition to this particular show, with this particular group of women, is no accident, and knowing what I know about you this is going to be exactly what the franchise needs for the franchise, but also for you.”
Speaking of what you add to the franchise, I know Bravo fans are very vocal, particularly online. How has the reception been so far?
It's been overwhelmingly positive. I don't take that for granted for one second because Bravo fans are loyal, they are vocal, and they have strong, strong opinions. To be received with open arms, a lot of anticipation, a lot of curiosity, a lot of celebration…I think it's bigger than me personally. It's what I can represent at this moment for this franchise and for our society. I think people are just like, “It's about time” and excited to see what it's gonna look like going forward. I'm thrilled.
I know outside of the series you’re about to launch a new podcast, Holding Court With Eboni K. Williams. What can we expect, and what are you most excited to share?
It's about taking big, huge national headlines, whether they are social justice headlines, the killing of our unarmed brothers and sisters, or whether it's celebrity justice headlines, like the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion and what's going on with Tory Lanez and what's going on this fall when R. Kelly is back in court. Looking at all of that and using those headlines to break down the core and the nitty-gritty of what's going on at the legal nexus. Then, most importantly, applying that to everyday folks. How does that advance help me and my loved ones navigate the American justice system? That's what Holding Court is about.
Before we go, I did want to ask one more very important question: Have you chosen your Housewives tagline?
I have not decided on a final tagline, but I have definitely been on my iPhone and have some notes for some potential taglines. So the wheels are actively turning."
"Leah McSweeney will always be Married to the Mob, but now she’s finding her bliss.
The “Real Housewives of New York” star, 38, is gearing up for the launch of a new premium sleepwear brand called Happy Place.
Available for pre-order on Nov. 1, McSweeney’s line will offer waffle-knit robes ($120) and blankets ($80) first — both made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton — with candles, t-shirts, home goods and more to come in the near future, she told Page Six Style exclusively.
The company is “totally committed to sustainable manufacturing,” McSweeney explained, and even the packaging is made entirely of recycled materials.
It’s a far cry from Married to the Mob, the streetwear brand she founded in the early aughts that features T-shirts with cheeky slogans like “Good dick will imprison you” ($30) and an instantly classic “RHONY” catchphrase from her debut season, “Bitch I elevate this sh—t” ($30).
“I kind of grappled with doing another brand because Married to the Mob has been my baby, you know, but I love the project so much and I feel like it’s such a good time [to launch],” McSweeney said of her new venture, which she said she started seriously working on about a month after the coronavirus pandemic began earlier this year.
“Everyone wants to be comfortable and cozy right now because we’re dealing with such insanity in our lives.”
She continued, “I have put so much work into my home and being comfortable in my home because we’re here so much [during the pandemic], but it’s also a state of mind … Right now, our happy places are being challenged and we have to find new ones. And we’ve had to really think about what that means.”
The star named Jamaica, where she usually vacations with daughter Kier every Christmas, as her own personal happy place, but said she’s unsure about when she’ll be able to return amid the global health crisis.
With filming already underway on a new season of “RHONY” — featuring newcomer Eboni K. Williams, who has already bonded with McSweeney to form a “new guard” — fans can expect more fashion-forward looks from the star that push Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan’s Upper East Side sensibilities to their limits.
“I think that maybe I’ll be stepping it up or elevating it a little,” McSweeney said of her wardrobe for Season 13. “I’m still going to be taking fashion risks, I’m still going to be having fun with it, you’ll still see me in sneakers sometimes.”
She concluded with a version of her Season 12 tagline, which seems to have become something of a personal mantra: “I’m not ever changing who I am.”
"Cynthia Bailey's wedding had all the makings of a classic episode of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta," but production pulled the plug on filming it at the last minute thanks to the weather... and coronavirus.
Production sources tell TMZ... Bravo was set to have a camera crew on location for the 'RHOA' star's nuptials -- which was a planned, outdoor event -- but 2 days before the wedding, Cynthia decided to make it an indoor affair because Hurricane Delta was bearing down on the region.
But, it became a house of cards, because the indoor venue made the network wary due to COVID-19 concerns, and Bravo decided it wasn't safe or appropriate to send staff to film with limited space and an expected 181-person guest list.
The good news -- for Cynthia and 'Housewives' fans -- Bravo still plans to work with her to showcase her wedding in the upcoming season.
We're told the bride had her own camera crew on hand at the Governors Towne Club in Acworth, GA last Saturday, and she'll provide footage of the ceremony to production.
Cynthia's pleased with this arrangement, and there was less drama with the way things worked out ... so she's totally fine with it.
As for how Cynthia and her new husband, Mike Hill, dealt with the coronavirus risk at their large gathering... our sources say they took several precautions.
There were temperature checks at the door, guests were required to wash hands upon entry, masks were required unless eating or drinking... and all confirmed guests had to have negative COVID tests within 5 days of the wedding."
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2020.10.19 22:41 armand11 Stargate: Atlantis First watchthrough, what worked, what didn't

Just finished SGA last night. Still in withdrawal as I thoroughly enjoyed this series.
I was curious to get this subreddit's thoughts as to what worked and what didn't work in the series as it's definitely flawed, albeit highly entertaining. Some of my thoughts:
What Worked:
What didn't work:
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2020.10.19 15:38 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 19th, 2020

"Karen Huger isn't going to turn against Monique Samuels.
In a preview for next week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen, 57, slams Candiace Dillard for what she views as her fellow Housewife trying to make her choose a side following Candiace's physical altercation with Monique, 37.
"I'm a little upset that you continuously say I should be against Monique," Karen tells Candiace, 33, in the teaser.
"I need to hear from you that you understand what Monique did was wrong," Candiace replies. (As viewers recall, Monique attacked Candiace earlier this season and appeared to hit her repeatedly on the head.)
"You want me to choose a side and to totally abandon Monique, and I'm not going to do that for you," Karen yells.
Candiace and Dr. Wendy Osefo explain that they don't want Karen to "abandon" Monique, but to simply hold her accountable for her actions."
"After I had the meeting with my pastor, I received this email. My attorney advised that I only speak to Candice with him present. We asked several times for a mediation sit down and she and her attorney REFUSED. She didn’t want to hear an apology! She wanted money."
"You missed the part that we tried to arrange several sit downs and she and her attorney refused. All of this was prior to the filing." (link)
"When my attorney said no we’re not paying her anything because this was not an “attack” or an “assault” but a “mutually consented” altercation (a warning to back up was given followed by her egging on by saying “what you gon do? You gon drag me?”), her attorney’s response was..." (link)
“Well we’re going to sue Monique for MILLIONS and bravo will capture it all!” Then they filed the complaint. Then I countered. Then the state threw both charges out. The End." (link)
Monique had plenty more to say on her Twitter last night but these are the main points.
"The Real Housewives of Potomac Executive Producer, Kemar Bassaragh, opened up about the process of asking cast member to return (or not) during the October 8 episode of The Daily Dish podcast.
“There’s a lot of people involved in that process and we don’t always say we wanna change it up. It all depends on what is going on in someone’s lives,” Bassaragh explained. “For example, if you’re following me, and you were on my journey, and I got married and had a kid, and you were following all this stuff and then you were like, so what is going on in your life coming up? And I was like, ‘Honestly, that’s really it. Like, I’m married. I have a child. Like, there’s nothing new that I can show you.’ That’s usually what happens when someone doesn’t get invited back to our show, because it’s really because of what’s happening in their lives.”
"If they’re at a stalemate, you don’t wanna come back and watch the same exact thing in someone’s lives happening over and over and over again,” he continued. “You wanna see progression and if they’re at a point in their lives when they’re like, 'Guys, you know, everything that I’ve done, I’m tapped out,' it’s usually a mutual decision where everyone is like, ‘well, you know, we really like you, but unfortunately, there’s nothing new happening in your lives, and we’ve already followed you as much as we can.’”
Although it can be tough to say goodbye to a cast member, Bassaragh explained that the excitement of having a fresh face come in makes it easier to “move along.” For example, he noted that The Real Housewives of Potomac’s newest cast member, Wendy Osefo, has been an excellent addition.
“I’m stealing Candiace [Dillard's] word. Wendy is really Black Girl Magic personified. I love her,” he said. “Like, I love her on every level as a person, and as someone that is new to Potomac because she has so much to offer. She made herself the voice of reasoning, and as you’ve seen, there was a lot of back and forth and Wendy emerged as someone who literally was what we were thinking as people watching the show.”
"Oma" Yolanda is sharing a photo of her new grandkid – 21st century-style.
Yolanda Hadid posted a picture Sunday of tiny hands holding her fingers.
"My heart is expending with so much love and joy for this little baby girl she is an angel sent to us from above," the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" alum, 56, said on the Instagram post. "Thank you Mommy & Daddy for making me a Oma, I love every minute of it."
The little one is the first child of Hadid's model daughter Gigi and her musician boyfriend, Zayn Malik, who confirmed the birth Sept. 23."
"Braunwyn toured ET's Lauren Zima around her workout room, private nightclub room --complete with stripper pole -- her personal theater and her bedroom. When it came to her spacious closet, Braunwyn joked, "No one's allowed in here. Just me!"
The star then revealed that Sean is "not living here right now." Addressing speculation and rumors that the pair have called it quits, Braunwyn says the truth is actually quite the opposite.
"I love him dearly, we haven’t gotten along this well in a long time," she shared. "We’re redefining what marriage means to us. Not following the old, antiquated rules anymore."
"We're finding a new normal. We're renegotiating the terms of the contract when it comes to our marriage, for sure," she shared during her conversation with ET. "We are [and] we will be married forever. We have one hundred percent faith we are going to raise our kids and grandkids together."
"That being said, do we have to fall into the social norms that everyone else does? No," she added. "We're doing it our own way. Like I said, [it's a] modern marriage."
Braunwyn flat-out rejected the rumors and tabloid reports that she and Sean are planning on divorce, and explained that they've got an open marriage and are making things work in their own way. However, that doesn't mean they haven't had struggles recently.
Reflecting on the qualities that have made it possible to maintain their love, Braunwyn said it's all about "honesty and communication."
"We had to have some really hard talks, don't get me wrong. This has not been easy," Braunwyn shared. "We've definitely had hard times. So for us sometimes [we] can blow everything up to patch it back together."
During this new and unique time in her marriage, Braunwyn has also been working hard to stay sober after a long struggle with alcoholism. The reality star explained that she's been sober since January and reflected on the challenging journey.
"One day at a time, 256 one days at a time. I have a lot of gratitude," she continued. "I have a lot of amazing people in my life that have supported me and I'm so thankful that I was finally able to realize that I can't drink anymore. I've tried every way to drink and none of them work and so having that weight lifted off me, that it's not a choice anymore ... it's just, like I said, one day at a time because I don't want to get ahead of myself. But for today, I don't want to drink and I feel so good. I feel great."
"The Manzo’d with Children matriarch is revealing how she really feels about her eldest son Albie Manzo’s significant other, Chelsea DeMonaco.
The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum once again proved she doesn’t shy away from voicing her opinion, recently taking to social media to give Chelsea, whom Albie started dating last year, her stamp of approval. Caroline showed her support in an Instagram post on October 17, sharing a sweet photo of the couple laughing and looking into each other’s eyes.
“Nothing better than seeing your children with a genuine smile on their face,” Caroline wrote in the caption alongside the photo, also adding several heart emojis.
This isn’t the first time that Caroline has offered some insight into Albie’s personal life. Several months before Albie and Chelsea went Instagram official, the mom of three hinted that he “might be getting engaged soon.”
Back in July, Albie offered his own update on his relationship with Chelsea, sharing his gratitude for her support with some lyrics from a Justin Bieber song. “’Shout out to your Mom & Dad for making you’ -my friend Justin (he’s from Canada) said that in a song once," he wrote on Instagram at the time."
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2020.10.18 18:00 discoskyline _i-sn6SNo0I

DRL the drone racing league twelve of the world's best fpv pilots battle each other across the longest most complex forces ever seen for maximum season points of world champion this is throw racing [Music] welcome to the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship the premier international drone racing circuit and has been a wild ride this season with the most intense competition the sport has ever seen after six levels of racing several pilots differentiated themselves but none more than those of Vanover coming into the season all 12 pilots had the desire and hope if not expectation that they would become the world champion I want to win this year more than any other year because I know I can do it I've proven that I can consistently out fly everybody I just want to make it happen to be honest I don't really care about winning like one level I want to get to championship I'm not here to podium that's all great and definitely will feel good about it but I'm here with one goal in mind that's win this championship at each level only the podium finishers earn season points by four first two for second and one for third the pilot with the most points at the end of seven levels becomes the 2019 DRL Allianz world champion thanks for joining us we look back on levels one through six the season started in Miami Florida we're at Hard Rock Stadium home to the NFL's Miami Dolphins for level one our six finalists take their place in the cockpit where they'll race six regular heats to qualify for the winner-take-all golde haters included in this group is nurtured in green the defending 2018 TRL world champion the biggest perk that I have of being world champion in the offseason was throwing out the first pitch for a Diamondbacks game at Chase Field in Phoenix Arizona this is crazy to be in front of a 10,000 people and threw a strike so I can't complain also in this group are jet and gab who have had the most storied rivalry in DRL the semis gab and I were neck-and-neck and that was honestly to be expected this field also has a new face 19 year old rookie band over I can't believe I'm really sitting like next to you guys this sounds so cheesy but like watching it on the show from third person and then sitting here and like looking left and like seeing the backdrop and everything is like freaking me out right now it's awesome it's gonna be fun this is so cool my it's super weird though hello everybody I'm Craig Hummer here alongside drone racing pilot Tony Knittle Tony Vancouver sounds like a fanboy but look where he's city handovers in the first seat which means he's the top seat coming out of the semi-finals he won an extraordinary five heats in a row and over would continue that streak winning the first three heats of the finals it is ban over in the flashing drone trying to go three for three in this final and he dies three for three baby two-time world champion jet one heat for [Music] [Applause] then it was time for heat five the next heat will be very interesting we know Vanover constraint wins together but can he recover from a loss and win again regression to the mean and tell myself right now I want to push but I'm just saying I keep doing my thing tech ops are almost finished prepping the drones for the next race we know fan / and jet are in the gold heat but there are only two heats left in these finals which means only two more chances for the other pilots finals by they all head down the main floor to the square game we heard some contact on the ground rotating into the helix five man over in the lead jet red and second these guys are pushing it so hard that's why you're skipping the ground that guy laid back to the tiny bit Vanover in the flashing drone she's up and over into the stadium dive dab in yellow pushing jet for that second place jab doing a great job taking the inside line that's why he was able to catch up there the top three through the dangerous watch date back to the main floor Vanover jab and check in a chuckle that's the first time we've really seen him off his line that gets jetan red the opportunity followed by gavin yellow a great job by man over a game composure and hold on while he made that mistake final lap jet through the diamond game up and over leading as they go into the stadium bag but banned overs come back Shetty first Vanover at second the dangerous watch meet again then the over stakes can be had here some more contact you can hear it but that doesn't affect chef he's looking for a second win this is the run and the fight per second was legitimate too close to call but remember the wind is what matters and jet wins for the second time dude we were way too much throttle we all bought like slowly sinking oh it's getting close in close we are maxing these rigs out yeah I was full throttle and it just I hit the ground like and over he did that dodo that was good Vanover led from the start until his first real mistakes of these finals jet got close its first swatched feet but Vanover held him off until the very end of lap 1 when he overcorrected through the gate and hit the floor he did a great job saving it but fell to third behind jet gap jet held the leaps to rest of the way in while cabin Vanover had an epic dogfight for second Vanover gap in the helix climb then pulled away in the stadium dive gab caught man over at the swatch gate and the two were neck and neck all the way in with gaff taking second by half a drone lane [Music] the Racing's there we got a lot of challenge this is what we want this is why we're here this is the only place you're gonna get fish Racing gap set er L is the only place they get this kind of racing absolutely TRL's proprietary technology allows for the longest most diverse courses have ever seen and more importantly their spec racing with the racer for DRL redesigned this drone from the ground up and built over 500 for this event they perform identically which levels the playing field and means the only difference is how each pilot flies racer 4 is TRL's next generation drum it's a professional high-end racing machine made for a global sport hoods already rather the rest it's made for competition today [Music] the racer four is the most special racing drones that has ever been developed it's super unique no one has built a drone like this that looks this good and goes this fast we want a drone that's going to inspire the world and excite them something that you can follow at home something that's high performance something that looks beautiful to be as amazing as it can be the race of four has lots of new technology in it that the last racers didn't have there are a lot more powerful easier to fly more spectacular to see it has a thousand LEDs on it high voltage power train it has a gigantic battery to fly far away and a very advanced radio system they're all identical it's this even playing field I think that's part of what makes great racing everyone's why exactly the same specs so it makes it 100% about the body which pilot is the most scale which pilot actually the best performer and that's exciting racer the best pilots on the edge of what's possible racer four is the manifestation of that gab 77 people on to win the final regular heat of racing setting up a three pilot showdown in the winner-take-all going it's finals go 803 up van over in that pole position platform he should be first to the square of Dayton in the helix fight he is she can't miss the flashy drone Jenna red in second gap off to a rough start skipping the ground that's gonna get in his head just a little bit he said hip hop fitness for taped all scenario you've got in front first time through the dangerous watch game makeovers through Jen's Roo we heard some contact though been over back to the main floor he's in front jet in second in the red everyone still up as we start left to Vanover just a little faster than these guys through these turns he's got it dialed the rest needs a styled airline in Vanover trying to put the puzzle chat with contact he looked to be down that's more space for Vanover into the stadium dive damn right they're trying to stay close vinegars got one more time through the swatch gate [Music] as well say hello to the future it has a ride in the form of a 19 year old from Texas well duh oh man I tried to cut the helix too tight can I like lay down yeah that first lap I was full sent it over led from the start but all three were in contention until the second helix climb Jets approach was good but he simply didn't pitch down and up at the top of the climb hitting the gate and taking himself out gap flew a great race but fell just 4/10 of a second short gap beat the previous course record by half a second but Vanover flew the race of his life gap got close reentering the main floor on the sprint to the finish but Vanover was too quick destroying his previous course record by nearly a full second Vanover after the golden heat you secured the win and you said I did it we know that you won the level but what does it mean to you it means everything to me I'm doing this for my dad he's watching up in heaven he he's a champion and this is just the first step to getting there and I'm really just so great grateful so blessed to be here for me this is 10 years flying anything RC and even more flying drone racing and to be on TRL again is incredible and to pull off the win it's just something I've been wanting to do ever since I watched the first year I'll race ever that broadcasted I wanted to to be in that position I want to feel that energy and I wanted to to prove to myself that all the hard work I put into here was worth something and to do it is just it's amazing so the rookie proved he was legit and over dab and jet stood on the first podium of the year turning five two and one season points respectively Vanover would get his second chance for more season points at level two Hard Rock Stadium a second event of the doubleheader the drone racing league brought to you by Allianz global leaders in asset management investments and insurance by the US Air Force aim high and by swatch welcome back to our review of the first six levels of the 2019 DRL Allianz World Championship season we're in Miami Florida for the finals of level 2 our Rock Stadium five of our six pilots enter the arena with the goal of redeeming disappointment from level one the 19 year old rookie ban over who made history winning his first PRL event CPUC I don't really feel the pressure of being a rookie your youngest pilot in a way though I do feel the pressure to do well because I have a reputation especially winning level one so now it's time to go show people that it wasn't a fluke these pilots are the six best from the level two semi-finals Toki what a field we have here absolutely as you said Vanover is coming off the tremendous level one win newark nub and gab finished one-two-three at the 2018 World Championship these guys all know what it takes to win big races to win level 2 would be redemption for not doing as well as I wanted in level 1 I'd love to get into that golden heat to battle it out to lay it all on the line I'm very relieved to be in the finals somehow the pressure is higher this year I don't know everyone's been practicing very hard and everyone's really fast in the 2018 season as a rookie the fact that I was able to come out and put myself up and put myself above the other veterans was a really proud moment for me each heat is two laps in and around the stadium each lap starts with a long straightaway into the critical helix climb it's another long straight to the dramatic stadium dive next is the ascent through the inimical swatch game and back to the main floor for the end of the lap more sprint to the finish level once winner ran over one the first heat but then got beat by nub inherent and each two and three each securing a spot in the winner-take-all golde heat Tony - very distinct camps you've got the three pilots that are in and of course the three pilots that have struggled in are down to their last chance yeah these guys have only one key and what they really need to do right now is hit the reset switch to get out of that mind space that they're in to get their composure back to win a race we're down to the last regular heat before the golden heat finals heat six [Music] they all know how to do this so dramatic run to the square gate up in the hill it's fun you're King breed right there you got bent over and gaps episode and contact get gap benefit he's out in front he needs this win gap 707 through the diamond gate up and over into the stadium dive loosely followed by the flashing throw to banner these three are staying close no one's letting up gab 707 makes it cleanly through all the top three are cleanly through back to the main floor gap 707 in yellow still in front staff 707 student great job holding on to the front but he needs to find a way to create some distance out of these three gaps 707 in yellow is the only one that needs this win to assure himself was spotting the golden heat and he's doing everything he can he's gotta press on this next turn Vanover coming in trying to put the pressure on he's going [Applause] I am this swatch game will determine it all since he's out vandals ritenour oh and dirt goes down nineteen-year-old wonderkid tiny boys Stasi Newark finishes in six go to let's go to heat now ready for the golden heat back Vanover I've got one question two back-to-back heat wins going into the golden heat what does that do for your confidence it's where I want it to be it's not too high because I know that it was still a close heat the good news is the pilot gaps some of the seven who was the most worried about made a mistake and regardless I still would have had him on the pass so I feel better I know I can beat Newark I know I can beat Noah but I just need to do I did the last two heats and there's no chance they can beat me I'm just in my rhythm so as long as I launch good get out in front and just tell myself to fly my own race don't make any dumb mistakes I think it's mine short and concise Vanover short and concise yeah he talks too much maybe not all of the pilots are fans of the rookie sensation but love him or hate him they are all paying attention to him Vanover is kind of a new wild card I think he's got a few eyes on him at the amateur level he's very well known to be one of the fastest out there I have to give him respect because he has a lot of dedication he gets out he puts in the time and he trains like no other I know personally that I can be a these pilots out here on any of these tracks any quad doesn't matter any radio goggles I just need to focus on what I needed you personally told everything else out and go win but at the same time he is very arrogant and I don't appreciate that Vani Vani Vani Vani the bigmouth brat I see an insecure little boy with Vani he wants reassurance from the rest of the guys I grew up in the south where you have to be humble and he doesn't seem to feel that way we are getting ready for the winner-take-all golden eat started with six pilots and work down to three Newark Vanover and up the winner of this next team will be the level two champ earning a critical five season points in his quest to become the 2019 DRL Allianz world champion Vanover in the flashing disco drone nub in purple and Newark in green finals expected to pay off it'll be the square gate and then the heel expired van over and for eight launched by turf to keep it close - pilots nerf chasing dirt closing the gap this is for the level to win the swatch game for the first time up and thrill every close pressing the base no stand over keeps the lead but just barely pressing Vanover is not used to be fast [Applause] on the table over a little turn but sandover's not letting him get away [Applause] yeah Newark a nail-biter of a golden heat what does it mean to you to take this level win it's I mean it's it's redemption from level one that's for sure it's a continuation of last season it's it's it's a little bit more confirmation that I'm where I need to be that I can hang with the best in the world and come out here and get a get a course win early in the season I'm super psyched about that after two levels the rookie fan over sits on top with seven season points Newark since second but five gap is in third with two while jet nub each have one after Miami everyone headed to the Twin Cities of Minnesota for levels three and four they're a very different track presented unique opportunities and challenges for the pilots our look back on the 2019 season continues this is DRL the throw racing league [Music] [Music] welcome back to our review of the DRL Allianz World Championship season the brand new dazzling Allianz Field is our host for level 3 twin cities the top six pilots out of the semis now take their place in the cockpit where they'll race 7 heats around the stadium each eat here at Allianz Field is two laps with two critical switchbacks and the sky gates course is absolutely amazing out of all the drone courses I've flown over the last few years it's the best track of our flock it's a little bit of a mix it's wide open where it needs to be and then it's got spots where every single pilot is trying to take a different line figure out what's faster we have made it to the golden heat of the level 3 finals three pilots are here and now it is winner-take-all we started with six pilots now fan over Gavin Duncan remain to race one heat to determine the level champion it's the Battle of smooth versus raw it's the battle right now yeah but you don't want to be facing Duncan wings on fire all your guns I don't know that's scary the keys to victory Tony let's just go down the line let's start with Vanover what does he have to do that over has proven that when he flies his race from start to finish he wins so what he has to do is make sure that when the tone sound he's completely ready no other thoughts about winning or celebrating let's switch to gap what are his keys gap needs peak performance gap is the most consistent pilot at 98% he needs to push it to a hundred percent with flawless execution and I feel like our third and final pilot is definitely the wild card Duncan absolutely he's proven that he's the fastest on this course here and no one's gonna take that away from him so if he could do that now when it counts to the boat he'll get that win finals and over from the first podium but it's gap first number one man over in gamut of light jumping right there as well this is the first switchback man over with that traditional straight line has given him a slightly look at these do they're that big bag Gavin Duncan right there Vanover Gavin yellow Duncan and white in third the concourse the fastest murder to lose up to the sky gates this is Duncan's favorite spot it's still banned over in front along the western run they'll drop down once again to the swatch deep in or still maintains that position [Applause] so this cap cap gone up already making the push along the top course no you take it I think so I don't know I couldn't see I think I wonder you take it I never saw anyone in front yeah yeah good he took it you took it all yeah good job Annie yeah level three and he is able to put his stamp on this level Duncan's body in one but it wasn't the case Wow motional when you race I'm like did he somehow beat me I was like all right you want to talk about a close race giving fans exactly what they came for that was it in the final there oh no absolutely I had a great first lap I'm kind of known as in like level one I had an excellent first lap and I always kind of slowed down a bit a lot too I think that's just mentally me telling myself my heart starts beating it's like okay we're in front let's not mess up right and watching the replay I didn't realize how close gap got to me he made one mistake and that was it he probably would have beat me to that finish his line was looking really good but a nail-biter ever finished so much fun I love these guys so much because three different flying styles but three great pilots who are all pushing the limits what we can do out here well it's a lofty goal but right now you can celebrate another level win congratulations this one's also for my dad too we're getting there yeah we're going I was giving it everything I I could have just do close to that light pole tough luck I would have items' Vanover now has a significant lead in the season standings with 12 points nerf remains in second with five and gabon third with three Gavin Duncan fell short in level three but they would get another shot in the second event of the doubleheader at Allianz field level four next this is er L a drone racing lead [Music] welcome back to Allianz field here in st. Paul Minnesota we are down to our final regular heat in the finals of level 4 for pilots already in the gold key tour trying to earn their way there and one man has two wins that's fan over Vanover had a rough start here and we wondered if you'd be able to turn it around well he did great launches tight lines and no mistakes the last two heats let's go back to gap he was right behind Vanover last teeth but couldn't close out the win now that's become a theme for him for nearly two years gab has been the so close but not quite pilot since winning level two in 2017 he's finished on the podium eight times but never on the top step this is a dry spell he's burning to end you know life's unfair sometimes and it's one of the things that you know defines a bit who you are how I've performed in the last few seasons I know that I can consistently be faster than everybody I've just not been very lucky I'm not getting pushed down by it or anything I know it's how you can step up from that that really makes a decision on who you are and how things evolve for you I want to win because I know I can do it I have the ability to beat everybody so it's just a matter of keeping my training regiment going it's usually two parts of the training that have to come together for example when you go play a poker game you get your two cards at the start for me that's the amount of practice that I can do the more I practice the better my cards when I start the game but then once you're playing there's a bit of luck there's a bit of reading your opponent's see what they're gonna play if you need all those three parts to get there you need luck you need skill at the start and you need to make the right choices it's something that it's in my reach I just need to reach out and you know grab it gab is already in the gold heat a win here would give him a better start position freely and flexy it's win or go home finals eat six last chance were flexi inert metal this first gap right behind it we've seen this before in the switch that number one it starts with the swatch game Vanover with the cleanest line again to the square gate drops through the Pentagon game and on this respect number two you have inert looking for a chance to catch up but it's just not happening so far it's hard to catch up against the lead and a pilot like that Vanover through the sky game second he's going for it on the west run wow that was amazing but fan over passes right back look at this [Applause] - over the last time they were in this position can you do it again Vanover to the sky gate that dive through the finish Vanover get that gap second it is it sir you did yep good do you I was just right on you came that second lucky pasty good race and then you came up out of nowhere man heck yeah good race employs the regular heats of the level for finals have been completed we know there will be four pilots in the gold meet ban over gab 707 Duncan and Shaggy have one more heat to determine the level four champion was the pace on that no that was another record-setting heat he's not gonna have how many of those in a row no you just did three hours over the neuro four pilots the winner of this next heat is the level four champion Vanover starts on podium one gap 707 on podium for Duncan otome five shaggy six finals the other pilots have some real estate to make up against anima being over definitely versus already card is over [Music] [Applause] what an emotional win or gab 7:07 wait for that unforced error from Vanover and he capitalizes on that mistake holds on to the wind all the way through the drought is over gab you're known as one of the most consistent pilots in drone racing but the last level win for you was in 2017 level 2 atlanta aftermath how does it feel to be back on top you know I can't believe this you know I might just gratitude at this moment I can't you know thanks so much to everyone who's believed in me thanks and my girlfriend family it's been so long coming and people have been telling me you know you know you deserve this you got to get you got to get it and to finally make it I just can't why do you believe that you deserve it um I don't know two years ago I was leader in the season overtook me at the last possible moment and beat me last year I was feeling strong I had the course record on the track and the golden heat just went over in a snap like this and I know I have the speed I know I just need to keep it together and find the right formula for me I've worked actually really hard I found a new way of training I will admit and I think that was really really determining a factor for me tonight and that's huge on behalf of all your fans and us here at DRL we're all very proud of you and congratulations and we can't wait to see what's next thanks so much whoa an emotional win for gab that was two years in the making and bumps him up in the season standings after four levels Vanover remains in first with 13 points dabbe moves into second with 8 and Newark sits in third with five the TRL season heads to Phoenix Arizona and the largest crowd ever for a drone race level five Chase Field coming up this is TRL puts roam racing lead [Music] this is the URL Allianz World Championship welcome to Chase Field where we've turned an iconic baseball stadium into a high-speed three-dimensional racetrack we've made it to the gold needs at level five Chase Field four guys are in it no gap 707 Luxy and Vanover each heat is two half mile loops through port to gates position iein whoa Criss crossing the stadium and this course TK is a significant factor it truly is because it's so open the pilots need to focus on carrying momentum through the turn more than carving tight lines the smoothest pilots here will rise to the top the switchback has been a key differentiator here all night take us through this critical maneuver the switchback is a complex double u-turn requiring precise timing the goals are minimize distance flown while maximizing exit speed from each you turn the keys to the first u-turn are making a single turn while staying as close to the diamond gate as possible pilots pitch up slightly as they roll and yaw right they must time the turn so that they line up the diamond and square gates in a straight line the keys to the second u-turn are beginning to turn prior to the square gate and a peck seen as close to the gate as possible they pitch up slightly as they roll right with minimal yaw if they don't line up the two gates in the first u-turn they must make additional corrections which is slower if they don't begin the second u-turn early enough they extend their line path the square gate which is slower mistiming either turn causes them to hit the diamond gate or the square game if you want to win a level you need to first make the golden e and now we know our four pilots and their colors nuf in purple gap 707 yellow flux e the swatch pilot red and white and Vanover the flashing disco drum final [Music] winner-take-all fantastic start from Doug he's got climbing to the sky gate gab and fan over chasing him look at these guys ducks in a row Craig not doing a great job keeping in that day though as he just wonderfully dropped down little switch back to the first time now I'll be able to accelerate out of the square gate but gap is keeping it blue there on the right side of the course around the right-field pole back to the Pentagon gate and the start of last number to sub in the lead these guys behind a bit of a bobble there goes down he's blows again gap has closed the distance to switch back yet again gaps running at a time there was a bump that drop snap back the sweeping left Oh [Applause] fantastic launch off the podium getting to the front of the group and not letting go a tiny bit knocks back the wind and sends a message of his own now first off congratulations on a tremendous accomplishment can you put it into words what does it mean to you it means everything getting these points getting real points up on the board it shows these other pilots that I have what it takes still to stand up there on the podium at the end of the season and come back for another year before now what was holding you back that you overcame on this level I think it was a combination of things I wasn't getting a ton of practice I was in my own head a lot I wasn't thinking very positive I was dwelling on all of these negative things it would happen to me during a race and this time I just let it all go and just kept on flying my race so how do you take that how do you bottle it up and use it for the future levels that we have in front of us it's just an extreme confidence boost I've shown the guys hey I'm here I'm staying and you're not getting rid of me well once again congratulations you earned every bit of it thank you the overall season standings are getting interesting Vanover misses his first podium of the year but remains on top with 13 points gab is now just three points back with 10 and with this win now moves into third with six level six here in Phoenix would give the pilots another shot at season points with huge implications in the world championship title race next the drone racing league brought to you by aliens global leaders in asset management investments and insurance by the US Air Force aim high and by swatch welcome back to our review of the first six levels of the 2019 TRL Allianz World Championship season getting set for Heat number four of our finals here at level six Phoenix fan overs one two heats he's at the gold meet that's why training for gap just won the last teeth joining Vanover in that gold deep well I'm not gonna lie not do a little stretch a little bit less stress there by yourself winning Heat no I I'll give you a bit of confidence you know right no way to get by yourself people don't like being my team so anything that just gave me more confidence knowing I can make that make up that time on you out of all people I stay the last one Gabon Vanover have really separated themselves from the others here tonight TK what are you seeing that they're doing better you know that's a good question I don't think it's one thing in particular more everything all of them know the track inside and out and the best line through each element but Vanover and gab are executing those lines almost perfectly for two laps when the others make even a small misstep at any turn they fall behind they're up and away the left turn to the Pentagon Kade Vanover with the hole shot through the watch be built slime bin over in front cap 707 and yellow and jet conserve that was an aggressive turn out of a swash beat by gathers like two different clothes that distance to the top and he's always great on this drop here he goes this is the switchback Vanover gab jet they exit but gab stay right there with it over that's usually where he flips a gap in get this ringing a little wide out of that switchback that slows it down over there see this watch me so climb again jab is going for it there he goes on the drop he excels here and it's proving it right there gab momentarily passing Dan over but the swing back again gap slightly in front [Applause] [Music] [Applause] thank God dang it I don't know how to catch you guys that's your bedtime or what yeah it's true good job good racin gab how fun is it for a pilot of your level to race at this level you know this is the stuff that we all dream about we all think when we go out on the field let's say we practice together we'll get it heat like that and then we go to the next one and then nothing happens again it's one of those you just get one of them but we just did two of them in a row so I think we got something going here it's time for the golden heat flux e's last-second victory heat six means he joins Vanover and gap the stakes are huge if Vanover wins this heat he will have enough season points to clinch the world championship title if gabber flux ii win the entire season podium frame he determined in level seven all three away game over first to the Pentagon cave he'll be first to the slicing oh yeah kiss the swatch gate and is done fan over through the sky gate luck she's gonna have to play catch-up now into the switchback set up van over this is one of those maneuvers confidence in every heat well flux he's in a bad position here he's got to play catch up but that's not good for him if he could do this on every single one of these turns and changes a little bit of ground he can have his fighting chance he needs to figure it out remember these guys know each other's flying very well it was camped ban over weeks ago where they were together spending hours upon hours each other's tricks in treats but you have to believe but over the lightness [Music] unbelievable one little mistake like that costume give that to van over the crown has been passed all hail band over the season is his captain VIN over finally some smiles but also a lot of emotion that we saw just now what does it mean to be not just the level champion but now the world champion of the 2019 season I'm doing this for my dad and I love you that like this is for you you were a world champion and you inspired me it's this is this is for him this is for you he's watching up in heaven and my lord and everything just the support and everything this is hopefully the first of many but for me right now this is just probably the best one in my entire life I feel like I've I've served a purpose that I maybe can't grasp just yet but I hope these guys see it and I really hope that they see the motivation the passion in my faith and everything behind the scenes because that's also why I'm here I'm here to serve Him and not to serve myself or other people it's incredible you've racked up quite a trophy case here in your rookie season looking back at what you've accomplished what are you most proud of just my improvement in my dedication I've really focused so hard on this season trying to be the best pilot and that was it and just trying to not just be the best pilot for myself and my Lord and my dad who I'm serving but to show all these other guys that hard work and show everyone at home I was I wanted to be on D role and I put in the work to be here and then they get to world champion you can do it yourself that's what I'm here to show and that's my biggest proud moment is that anyone can do it it doesn't matter what obstacles what people call crazy that's great because I want to prove crazy to be right and that's just incredible it's so much to take in right now on behalf of the fans congratulations let's go to the overall season standings Vanover with that win now has a seven-point lead over gab 707 which means he has clinched the season win Vanover is your 2019 world champion
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2020.10.18 10:46 Ill-Biscotti Every Clone Wars Episode Ranked Part 20: The Top 30 [Biscotti Ranks]

If you have never seen any of these ranks before, please start at the beginning by using this link

Yay! It’s time for a new part. In this part, we finally rank the 3rd and 2nd best episodes of Season 2. Which of course tells us which will be the best episode of Season 2. We are officially beginning the Top 30 this part, and it is getting quite tough to split them. I will repeat what I said in a previous part, which is that from here on until the Perfect 15, my rankings will change a bit depending on how I feel on any given day. Anyway, let’s get into it!
Warning, Major Spoilers for The Clone Wars lie ahead:

30: Revival

Season 5 Episode 1 From the Arc: Darth Maul Returns Part 2 Placement in arc: 2/4 Arc Average: 41 Arc Median: 39
This is an episode which I have shuffled around a little bit. It used to be just outside the Perfect 15, but on rewatches, I think there are quite a few around that area that are better than this. When I was younger, this was one of the coolest episodes I had ever seen. And it still is. Literally nobody around 2009 would ever have imagined Maul and Hondo meeting each other (Maul was dead, Hondo was some comic relief, drunk pirate). And yet not only do they meet, but their meeting is in the Top 30 episodes of the whole show. It’s just incredible what Clone Wars has accomplished. Anyway, so first off the very start of this episode is a nice little sequence. We get some action with Maul and Savage fighting those droids, and then we get a conversation regarding the ‘Rule of 2’. I’m going to say this now, but this episode has top notch action. Even the little scene of Maul vs Savage is an amazing little action scene (and it last for about 5 seconds). I do love how Savage is kind of the ‘nice guy’ at the start of this episode, and Maul is just straight up power hungry. In fact, that really puts it into perspective just how evil Maul is, because he can make a monster like Savage seem nice. By far the worst part of this episode is Obi-wan and Adi Gallia trying to find out where Maul and Savage have gone. It takes so long, and was the guy telling Obi-wan to turn on his lightsaber really necessary? Maul and Savage recruiting the pirates is a fine scene, but nothing particularly special about it. Once the battle on Florrum starts, this episode really becomes next level. I did already mention the action, but I will mention it again. Not only is the lightsaber fight incredible, but somehow they managed to make some of the best blaster combat scenes in the whole show. I don’t know if you guys would agree with me on that, but at least for me, it really stands out. I think because each of the pirates actually have personality (compared to random droids getting gunned down), and that makes each shot feel really powerful (especially when they get killed). Also, the camera angles in those scenes is spot on. Look, I can’t really explain it, but just trust me, this episode has great blaster action scenes. I love the line ‘Oh how the mighty Sith have fallen’, mainly because of the irony. As I already said, the lightsaber fight is amazing. Then Adi Gallia gets killed. What a great twist/moment. Not only does it show how powerful Savage/Maul are becoming, but it really makes you think of them as a threat. The main reason I love it however, is that it makes this episode mean something. If Adi Gallia didn’t die, you could basically argue that this episode is pointless. The lightsaber fight inside the pirate stronghold is somehow even better than the one that preceded it. Ah, there is just something so beautiful (probably the fluency) of Obi-wan with 2 lightsabers. And that visual where Obi-wan is trapped against the wall, with blocking both Maul and Savage, is definitely one of my favourite shots in the whole show. Hondo turning the pirates back to his side is nothing special, but it is all it needed to be. They could have easily dragged out that scene, but I’m so glad they didn’t. Savage losing an arm, and Maul losing a leg are both quality twists as well, that also stop this episode from being pointless. I haven’t mentioned it yet, but we all know how great Hondo is. This is yet another episode vastly improved by him, as basically every single one with him is. I should also mention how cool that moment is when Maul uses the force to push the Jedi ship off the top of the cliff. And then just as you think Maul and Savage will escape, boom, their ship gets shot down, which is also genius. Then, the perfect way to end this episode, we see the Chancellor talking to the Jedi. Not only does this scene further show how Palpatine manipulated the Jedi, but it is some nice foreshadowing for Maul vs Palpatine later on in Season 5. So in the end, some slow, boring bits before the battle starts keeps this episode from moving any higher. Everything after the battle starts, is basically perfect. I will also say that other episodes around the Top 20 mark have a lot more uniqueness, which is a strength this episode doesn’t really have unfortunately. Yes, it’s still unique and interesting to see Maul and Hondo together, but compared to an episode like The Citadel or Bounty, there is really no contest on which is the more unique.

29: Weapons Factory

Season 2 Episode 6 From the Arc: Second Battle of Geonosis Placement in arc: 1/5 Arc Average: 72.8 Arc Median: 73 Arc Final Score: 72.9
And coming in at 3rd place for Season 2 is Weapons Factory. It was a very tough call between Cargo of Doom and Weapons Factory for the 2nd best of Season 2. See, Cargo of Doom is more rewatchable, fun and full of content. Weapons factory is emotional/powerful, unique and has strong themes. In the end however, Weapons Factory has something that annoys me a lot, so I decided Cargo of Doom deserves the #2 spot for Season 2. Ok, so onto the episode. The start is great. It is nothing super special, but it gets the plot rolling and it isn’t boring. That’s all I can ask of from a start. Also, the humour with Anakin interrupting Ahsoka is actually very funny. Then Barris and Luminara join the fun. Really, this episode would be quite a bit lower if it didn’t have these two. The themes they bring make this episode ‘next level’. The themes we get in this episode include: Anakin and Ahsoka being known for playing loose with regulations, Anakin not willing to put Ahsoka in danger, Ahsoka determined to prove herself. We also get Barris contrasted to Ahsoka, and Anakin contrasted to Luminara, which was a genius thing to do. Anyway, as always on Geonosis, the architecture and landscapes are amazing and unique, plus the Geonosians themselves are very interesting. The catacombs are also a very nice contrast to the battle on the bridge. And luckily, it works out that both halves of the episode are pretty much perfectly balanced (in terms of ‘goodness’). That would be a main reason why I think this episode is better than Landing At Point Rain (and also because of the emotion in Weapons Factory). All the action against the battle droids (on the bridge), is really well done, and the battle seems way bigger than it actually is (this is a good thing). Also, this review wouldn’t be proper if I didn’t mention Barris and the square shaped hole. Ah, it’s just so satisfying to watch! Anyway, the whole catacombs is very well paced, and the way the Geonosian wakes up is also well done (they could have easily done some stupid thing where the Geonosian just magically hears them walking past). I guess I should say this now, but the locations in this episode are spot on. From the surface/bridge, to the catacombs, to the reactor room, and even the visuals of droids being made inside the factory are all unique and interesting to watch. Then we get to the Supertanks. I always forget that this is the only episode we ever see them in. But I guess that’s a good thing, because it feels like we got enough use out of them. Either way, I love the Supertanks. They have a great design, cool weapons and new abilities. Plus, they are actually useful to the plot (explaining how Barris+Ahsoka survived the explosion). The whole battle in the reactor room is really well done as well, and I especially love how the Tactical Droid dies. Then we get to the reactor blowing up. The build up with Anakin yelling on the comms, the powerful music that isn’t heard anywhere else in the whole show, and the visuals of the factory blowing up all add together to make this one of my favourite scenes in the whole show. It is so powerful, and the real highlight of this episode for me. The aftermath is also powerful, and the contrast between Anakin and Luminara is on full display. It also serves to make the end of Season 5 all the more heartbreaking. So, what is the thing that annoys me I hear you ask? Well, that would be Anakin and Luminara putting bombs underneath the bridge. Jeez, it is inconsistent. They start going underneath the bridge when the Supertanks are practically already at the end, yet the Supertanks haven’t moved at all by the time Anakin and Luminara get to the other side. You might think that this is because the Supertanks stopped, but we are shown throughout their climb that the Supertanks keep moving. It just annoys me so much, and really ruins that part of the episode for me. Without that inconsistency, this episode would definitely be higher. All in all, this is a peak Season 2 episode, and demonstrates why Season 2 is better than Season 1. While I still believe that Season 2 isn’t as good as Seasons 4-7, I think Season 2 has earned the right to be compared to Season 3.

28: Cargo of Doom

Season 2 Episode 2 From the Arc: Holocron Crisis Placement in arc: 1/3 Arc Average: 69.333 Arc Median: 80 Arc Final Score: 74.666
And coming in at 2nd place of Season 2 is Cargo of Doom. This episode, is a thrill ride. From start to finish, it is intense, action packed and never takes its foot of the accelerator. Simply put, there is only one Season 2 episode that is better. So, the start of this is great. Mainly because it doesn’t drag, and is just a quick little scene that gets the plot rolling. The thing about Season 1 and early Season 2 episodes, is that they have this weird structure for dialogue, where they try and end scenes with some sort of mini ‘payoff line’. In most episodes, it doesn’t work, and you are left with cringey and forced dialogue. But in episodes like this one, it works perfectly and really enhances the episode. Anakin’s idea to use the walkers as boarding craft is not only smart, but it is also there for a point with the whole ‘Admiral Yularen not liking Anakin’ subplot. Also I will say it now, but the action in this episode is great. I will talk more about it later. Anyway, I love the ‘I’m not the commander’ joke. I remember laughing and laughing at that as a kid. I should also mention this now, but Cad Bane really, really, really improves this episode. Every line is perfect, and he isn’t an idiot. I could praise him a lot more, but I’m sure you get the idea. Ahsoka’s new outfit is also really refreshing to see. Do we ever see this outfit again? I can’t remember ever seeing it again. Anyway, the self destruct of the ship is a genius move. It really makes us feel the time pressures and the sense of urgency. Then we hit the anti-gravity battle. I love that fight. I guess now I will speak about the action. Somehow, this episode figures out how to do deflecting lasers properly. Against Bane, his shots seem really powerful, and Anakin has to really use his strength to block. I think the reason the action is amazing, is because they didn’t use the droids as a ‘challenge’. The droids are but an obstacle, and it is just so satisfying to see them get destroyed so easily by both Anakin and Ahsoka. There is also this move Anakin does, which is one of my favourite in the whole show (around 2:00 in the following clip) here . Ahsoka also learns an important lesson (as u/Fwort pointed out in a previous post, it isn’t ‘don’t go after the leader by yourself, but instead is:) ‘don’t underestimate your opponent/overestimate yourself’. And I’m really happy they didn’t make Anakin get angry with Ahsoka over her mistake, because that is the exact same mistake that Anakin makes in Attack Of The Clones. Anakin opening the Holocron (and the way it plays out) could have been a bad scene, and the low point of this episode. But it isn’t. And then you have Ahsoka convincing Anakin to escape instead of going after Bane, which is a great scene as well. And on top of that, you have the twist surround Bane’s ‘death’ at the end. I will admit now, I fell for it as a kid. Like, completely fell for it. Looking back now, it is a really obvious twist. At the end, you also have the perfect conclusion to the Yularen-Anakin subplot. And I completely forgot too mention Master (Repol?) who gets quite a sad death. And I didn’t mention Nute Gunray at all. And I didn’t mention how great the Clones are. Jeez, this episode is so action packed and is not only quality, but filled to the brim of quantity as well. This episode has jumped around in my rankings a bit (it started really high, then a lot lower), but now, after writing out all those positives above, and after rewatching it, I can say with full confidence that it deserves a higher ranking than I had previously given it. In fact, I planned to place this episode in a previous part of the rank, but it has moved up. In other words, I finished writing this review quite some time ago, and it has just been sitting, waiting to be released.
So I’m thinking that having Cat and Mouse as the best episode from Season 2 might be a bit controversial. All I can say, is that Cat and Mouse is one of my favourite episodes, and that hopefully I can explain myself and provide justification when we get to it. Look, I’m sure there was a point near the start of this rank where you started wondering why D-Squad was so high, and then ended up being taken aback that it was in the Top 100, let alone the Top Half. So while I’m sure that you may be surprised to find out that Cat and Mouse is the episode that I believe to be the best of Season 2, ultimately, I’m sure that you will understand where I am coming from once we get up to it.
Here is your reminder that SEASON and ARC rankings will be in the comments
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2020.10.18 08:21 GeekyTheArtist My Issues with 2020 SMG4

My friend and I were talking...once again, yes, shocker. And I decided to sum up our issues with the current status of the show.
This will be divided into parts
1 - Lack of Variety
I already made a whole blog about this, but I'm going to recap anyways.
To put it simply, Mario hogs too much spotlight. Every episode seems to mandate that he be there, even if it would work just as well, if not better, without him. This constant Mario-centric focus causes a huge host of issues for the channel.
First, Mario's humor gets old really fast. Mario being the constant focus on comedy makes this bound to happen. Eventually his chaotic comedy becomes the norm for us and we just don't laugh anymore. its like jangling plastic keys in a child's face for hours and acting shocked when it loses interest. Its just no longer interesting...its the new default.
Second, none of the other characters get development. All of the other characters are poorly developed (except Meggy. She actually got development), being reserved to 2 or 3 character traits, maybe 4 if we're lucky. Tari is a shy gamer, Saiko is a moody violent girl, Axol is an insane weeb, Boopkins is a weak weeb, and so on. They barely have anything to their name. I'm going to use Saiko as an example, because she needs severe development. Saiko is the violent and more physically charged of the characters. But that's all she is right now. She's just violent anime girl #384. But she doesn't have to be. She could be given a soft side, maybe perhaps she's just a tough cookie to crack and has a soft spot for her closest friends, like Tari or Meggy. Maybe make her a "Hell was paved with good intentions" kind of character. Make her violent not just to be violent but because she genuinely wants to protect the people who love her for who she is. But we never get these kinds of three dimensional characters because Mario constantly takes the spotlight, relegating them to nothing but background archetypes that can all ultimately be considered the middle man to Mario's bullshit. Show us the characters having a third dimension. Show Saiko having an emotional weakness, show Tari getting a little violent or assertive, show that these characters are indeed characters.
Third, everyone is reactive. In media, there's two categories for main character roles. Reactive and Active. Active characters are characters who are going on the adventure and impacting what's happening around them. For example, if a squirrel bites Mario during a camp trip, and Mario stabs it, thus giving him a meal , then he is an active character in the scenario. Reactive characters however only exist to react to what the main characters are doing. For example, back to the scenario, when Mario gets bit, perhaps Tari grows concerned for his safety, but when he stabs it, her concern becomes shock. Tari is a reactive character in that scenario. I would like to make it clear that both of these roles are important in many stories and I'm not saying that reactive roles themselves are bad. But the thing is most episodes, everyone is reactive. Mario and either Meggy or SMG4 are the only active characters. Everyone else just sits there and says "what the fuck" in the background. They don't get any moment to shine, barely any jokes, any development, they are constantly relegated to being the characters that go "wtf".
2 - Rushed Arcs
This point is small but definitely leaves huge impacts. A lot of the Arcs seem very rushed and incomplete, and there's a lack of variety in these too
The YouTube Arc for example, has SMG3 recruiting the anti cast, most likely with promises of fame or fortune, and trying to steal SMG4's glory. However the ending was severely rushed. All in the matter one song, the anti cast turns against SMG3 and immediately sides with the main cast. It happens too fast. It should've shown a span of multiple episodes where the anti cast realize that their efforts are fruitless through a series of unfortunate events and won't get them anywhere and thus they side with the main cast to defeat a common evil and have a better, more fulfilling life. But because they had to wrap things up in a few minute rap battle, we never got to see such a potentially good arc.
There's also a huge lack of variety in the arcs. They all are "big bad guy does big bad guy thing and heroes kick their ass". I'm up for that but that's most of the arcs. Why not have a character vs society arc? Or a character vs themselves arc? Or maybe even more domestic based arcs. Perhaps one about a more personal issue between characters. Maybe Saiko and Tari get in a fight and there's a small arc about them having to realize that they may have different opinions or thoughts, but they're still friends. Just try out new forms of storytelling, and find your weak spots and strengths. Give us something new and different.
3 - Predictability
The episodes are becoming really boring and predictable.
For example, when Steve (this also applies to Sans's debut) was announced for Smash, we ALL knew that's what the next episode will be about. Meta Runner Season 2 is coming? BOOM. Meta Runner based episode.
I wanna make it clear that hopping on a trend itself is not bad. We all do it at least once, either intentionally or unintentionally. However the difference here is that since there's barely any variety in the channel, its all that we get outside of "Mario in (insert wacky scenario this week)" and like two episodes about other stuff. Its become stale and repetitive. We aren't intrigued or surprised anymore. By the time the episode comes out, we already know what it'll be.
Its basically the boy who cried wolf in a different way.
4 - Unnecessary characters
A lot of the character are very redundant. Tari, for example, is just Luigi but blue and with tits. She's shy, timid, paranoid, and weak, just like Luigi. Jeeves, for example, barely has a role and never appears anymore. And the anti cast themselves are barely developed. They're worse than the main cast in terms of development.
Either make the characters into characters or don't add them at all. The anti cast was made into some of the main cast (the main cast is already big enough for fucks sake) but they have no rhyme or reason to be main characters. They just exist to mirror the other characters, but that purpose has been served already, so again, why are they here? What's the point?
5 - Solutions
First, put some variety in your channel. Try different kinds of arcs and stories. Give other characters the spotlight. Try out new forms of comedy. Give the show a breathe of fresh air.
Second, take your time with the arcs. If you are going to do them, don't stretch them out beyond their welcome, and don't rush them. Tell the story with the tones and time needed and move on.
Third, again, try out new things. And if you do wanna hop on a trend, do it at an unexpected time between miscellaneous episodes. That way it feels less like trend hopping and more like just giving something your own spin.
Fourth, either give us a reason to care for these characters (develop them, give them interesting dynamics between one another, give them interesting ideas etc) or just trash them. Simple as that.
I cannot stress enough that these are opinions. However, these issues are really hurting the channel and as much as I will continue to love and support SMG4, I refuse to just sit there abd do nothing while watching it get worse like this.
Thank you for reading. Have a fantastic day!
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2020.10.18 06:16 KingTyson27 [S] King's Survivor: David Vs Goliath

After 26 seasons, we are reintroducing a twist used in the early days of King's Survivor: the Champions Vs Contenders twist. This time, it will be referred to as the David Vs Goliath twist, and it will feature 20 new contestants: 10 people who are underdogs, and 10 who are overachievers. We will soon find out whether overachievers or underdogs do better under the circumstances in King's Survivor.
Vuku (Davids) Tribe:
Celine Mayer, 26, Receptionist, u/ClayTAnderson
Even though Celine is your typical quiet girl, she welcomes everybody that she meets with a great smile. Everyone has skills and is good in doing something - and with Celine, by being a good listener. They enjoy talking to her and she can immediately identify their needs and help to satisfy them. But behind this angelic façade, is a girl who's already two steps ahead, planning her next move.
Christa Mason, 34, Unemployed
Douglas Chance, 29, ER Nurse, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Ever since he was born, Douglas' family taught him how to be a ''gentleman''. Be the kind of person that people are proud to call their friend. Always help others when they need your help, always be there for people. He decided to become a nurse, wanting to help in the medical field as he always had a knack for it. Douglas has dedicated his life to helping others, and hopes to come on SURVIVOR and use this platform in order to shine a light on big and important matters. He doesn't necessarily care about winning, but he'll give it his all. Douglas has overcome a lot of challenges in his life, and he's ready to face this one head on.
Eric Carter, 23, Professional Rock Climber, u/UltDragon
Eric has always enjoyed traveling and the outdoors even more. The first chance he was allowed to he moved out of his town in Ohio to see the world. He manages to scrap buy as a professional rock climber thanks to gas stations and the bed in the back of his van. Eric tried out for the show for the same reason he choose to do most things in life, because it sounded like fun.
Jennifer "Jenn" Greene, 46, Fast Food Employee
Ji-Hyun "Jean" Choi, 23, Analytical Student, u/FabColette
Jean does not want to become that typical Asian girl, who's dubbed as just smart and hardworking. She wants to live up to that unfair standards and prove everyone wrong about their race.
Michael Krumptone, 47, Band Director, u/swoldow
Michael had dreams of being a musician since he was a kid, and had the drive to learn his craft to the best of his ability.... however the eighties weren't really the most popular time period for French horn players, so he could never get that big break he always thought he'd have, despite getting a music degree. As a result, he grew old and bitter, resenting modern genres of music like rock and rap, as they are what took his career away from him. He does marching band at a few high schools and basically treats it like it's prison camp due to how bitter he is, and he eventually grew to love his job; torturing kids like him into giving up on their dreams. However, he still hates his life, as he recently had to pick up another school to teach to pay for his ungrateful wife's Netflix, so he needs money somehow.
Michael "Mike" Phillips, 26, Unemployed, u/acegamer1337
Michael was always a David he was always on the bottom he had lost his job and his girlfriend left him he was at the lowest part of his life and decided to go on this show to show that anything is possible.
Michelle Carters, 29, Rocket Scientist, u/AngolanDesert
Michelle is a woman who has built herself up from the ground. She comes from a family where nobody even finished high school, so she has had to make sure to work extremely hard from day 1. She is here to win to provide for her family.
Zen Atame, 24, Unemployed, u/asiansurvivorfan
Zen is an odd dude. Not much is known about him and it seems like it will probably stay that way. He never really talks and he likes to keep to himself most of the time. Despite seeming pretty useless, he is fairly smart so that may be his saving grace.
Jabeni (Goliath) Tribe:
Brett Herman, 28, Professional Poker Player, u/Twig7665
Brett was born into wealth on a mansion in Texas, and lived through most of his childhood in that wealth, until his father was caught up in a huge scandal that left him without money, so at age seventeen Brett ran away to Las Vegas where he could begin a new life. He started playing poker in the streets, and when he was old enough to gamble, he went to a casino, and stunned his opponents by winning the first time he played for money. Soon, people began to realize his talent, and he played in his first professional poker game at the age of 22. Once again, he won, and he became one of the most successful professional poker players in history. This fame caused him to grow arrogant and become a huge jerk, even to his manager. Now rich again, he isn't playing the game for money, he's playing the game to try something new and to gain another title.
Cattleya Peralta, 29, Fashion Agent, u/FabColette
As a fashion agent, Cattleya has mastered the art of persuasion and that helped her a lot during showrooms and fashion weeks. She is socially aware and use her charm to sway people on her side. She may not be the most physically active person, but she's got a badass persona.
Georgia "Gigi" Seedrow, 21, Unemployed, u/AngolanDesert
There’s always that one girl in high school who was the most popular but was also the most mean. This was Gigi in high school. Her parents are millionaires and made sure that she was set for life. Her only worry is what shoes to pick out the next day. She wanted to play survivor because she loves to manipulate people. Maybe her insecurities will be shown this season.
Jeremiah Barak, 38, Drummer, u/zohnster
Barak is a very confident man in his strategy and in his power of persuasion. In addition to training physically every day, he works hard on his brain to be the best version of himself every day. Arrogant sometimes? YES, but you have a good heart of loyalty and trust.
Lukasz "Luk" Zabolcki, 50, Professional Triathlete, u/zohnster
Lukasz is a Polish man who came to the United States in the 1980s looking for a better life for his newly created family. With a wife and a newborn baby, he finds happiness in the adrenaline of the sport. A great triathlete, he gained notoriety about 5 years ago, when he competed in the Ironman Triathlon. Soon after, he opened a gym where he trained young people for marathons in all sports.
Even at the age of 50, Lukasz has the strength and determination of a young man and sees Survivor as another challenge that he will do with all his strength.
Neveah Nwosu, 50, CEO, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Ever since a young age, Nevaeh always knew how to get what she wanted. And not with the help of others, no no. She always managed to get what she wanted and get it herself. Nevaeh HATES counting on other people to do what she can do, after all.
Becoming a CEO at a rather young age, Nevaeh is very proud of herself and her career. Although, admittedly, she was quite busy her entire life and never really found time for her family. That's why, at age 50, Nevaeh is still single and she doesn't plan on getting married anytime soon. It's sad, but it's true.
Nevaeh doesn't care about the prize. She cares about the competition and about going down as one of the greats. So you all better mark it down in your diaries boys, because NEVAEH NWOSU is going to be the winner of Survivor: David Vs Goliath.
Rita Maureira, 43, Data Analyst, u/ghetra
Rita is a very successful data analyst. She has always been very smart and analytical, so she worked very hard to become as successful as she is now. At 43, she has reached a point in her life where she is very happy where she is at, and rather well off. Because of this, she doesn't bother biting her tongue much anymore and is very blunt with people. She has a great sense of humor which attracts many people to her, but she can be quite polarizing due to her bluntness and tendency to provoke people for no reason. She is not very open about her personal life and is able to deceive others quite well.
River Goulding, 47, Family Physician, u/FabColette
Even if River grew up in an elite neighborhood, he didn't let the money get into his head. He worked hard to achieve where he is right now and he's ready to take on a new challenge in his life. Despite his age, he plans to be everyone's friend with the help of his good sense of humor.
Siddhi Sanjay, 28, Bollywood Actress, u/Thisaccountishaunted
Siddhi was born in Mumbai, India but moved to the States as a child. She has dual Indian and American citizenship. She moved back to India in her early twenties to take care of her grandparents, and acted in Bollywood films to help earn them money. She has two homes in each of her countries and is used to traveling. She has a busy life and chooses not to marry, despite the traditions of arranged marriage, and turns down any insistence from her parents to get married. She wants to get on Survivor because she wants more outdoor adventure in her life and wants to join this season because she wants to find herself and who she can really be as a Goliath in tough situations.
Vaughn Barton, 22, College Athlete, u/TDSwaggyBoy
Vaughn never had it easy. His parents died in a fire when he were young, and he spent the majority of his childhood in an orphanage. But at age 11, he was adopted by a successful lawyer who tried giving the poor boy the best life she could. In the next 11 years, Vaughn managed to make a name for himself, now playing football at his university as a quarterback. Why? Because someone gave him a chance. And now, Vaughn pleads you, the production team, to give him a chance. He'll prove he's got what it takes to win.
Link to Season
Episode 1: Two boats, containing the two tribes, dock at a larger ship where the host awaits them. The two tribes size each other up, and then the host announces the twist. The Goliath tribe would pick who they thought was the strongest members of their tribe, and the weakest of the other tribe. The Goliaths pick Brett and Neveah to represent them, and Douglas and Michelle to represent the David tribe. The David representatives get to pick the obstacles they have to go through. In the end, the Goliath tribe narrowly beats out the Davids. The two tribes go to their camps, and at the David camp, Christa and Celine, and Douglas and Michael get into a disagreement about the former two being lazy. Christa then forms an all female alliance with Celine, Michelle, and Jenn. At the Goliath camp, Barak and Neveah bond, and Cattleya and Luk bond a lot. Siddhi, pitching in on the shelter a little too much, causes everyone to see her as a threat. Two overlapping alliances form on the Goliath beach. One with Brett, Cattleya, Luk, Nevaeh, and Rita, and one with Brett, Cattleya, Gigi, Barak, Nevaeh, Rita, River, and Vaughn, leaving Siddhi as the only outsider. Siddhi does not have to worry, as the Goliath tribe wins immunity. Figuring out that there is a female alliance happening right under his nose, Douglas tries to round up the guys to oust Jenn, who he believes is the head of the female alliance and the most dangerous of them. He relays the information to Mike, Zen, Michael, Eric, and Jean, who was on the outer of the female alliance, and they decide to join his side. At tribal council, the women vote for Zen, thinking the others will vote him too due to how introverted he is, and in the end, Jenn becomes the first blindside in a 6-4 vote.
Episode 2: After being blindsided at the first vote, Celine decides to flip from her side over to the majority, much to Michael and Douglas's glee. Mike starts to flirt with Michelle, and that causes Eric to pull him aside and let him know that flipping is a bad idea. This causes them to get in a bit of an argument, leading to a bit of a schism in the majority alliance. Zen sneaks off and finds the immunity idol on his tribe beach, and keeps it to himself. At the Goliath tribe, Brett and Barak start to bond, and Vaughn gets into an argument with Nevaeh. The Goliaths win immunity again, and Christa starts to get on everyone's nerves at the David tribe for telling everyone that they need to be more physical, while not pulling her weight in challenges, and in the end, it was her who got voted out in a 7-2 vote over Douglas.
Episode 3: Wanting to have a sub alliance within the alliance in case they lose again, Michael forms an alliance with Jean, Mike, and Zen, and he plans for it to be the final four. Eric has a bit of a fight with Jean, and Michael and Zen grow very close. At the Goliath tribe, Cattleya and Luk bond a bit, but not much else worthy of mention happens. After losing three challenges, it is the David tribe's turn to win immunity, and they are thrilled at the prospect of winning a challenge. Vaughn starts to insist that Siddhi needs to be the first to go from their tribe, and most of his alliance agrees with that, and they decide to split the vote between Luk and Siddhi in case one of them has an idol. Siddhi herself targets River, seeing him as slimy. Brett, Rita, River, and Vaughn pin votes on Luk, and the rest of the tribe votes out Siddhi, and she goes out without an idol in a 5-4-1 vote.
Episode 4: At the Goliath camp, Barak and Vaughn get into a large argument over something small, and Luk is able to get them to stop fighting, causing the others to respect him a lot more. Barak and River bond and form an alliance after Barak's fight with Vaughn in hopes of getting him out. At the David camp, Eric continues to be a nuisance around camp, as he has a fight with Jean for no reason. Michael finds Zen's idol, and he is furious about how he kept it a secret from him all this time. This causes Zen to be kicked out of the alliance, so he decides to flip from his side to Douglas's side. The Goliath tribe wins immunity yet again, and the David tribe is very demoralized after suffering four losses to one win. Michael, Mike, and Jean decide to target Eric for being too much of a loose cannon, while Douglas's majority targets Jean for being a liability in challenges, since both Michael and Mike were great providers, and Jean was doing nothing. At tribal council, Jean is blindsided in a 5-3 vote.
Episode 5: A tribe swap is announced, and the two tribes become three. Zen is exiled and will join the losing tribe after tribal council. The Vuku tribe consists of Douglas, Barak, Luk, Rita, and River, while on the Jabeni tribe is Eric, Gigi, Mike, Michelle, and Nevaeh. Finally the brand new Tiva tribe has Brett, Cattleya, Celine, Michael, and Vaughn. At Vuku, not much happens when they build their shelter, and at Jabeni, Nevaeh tries to form a bond with Gigi, which works. The Vuku and Jabeni tribes both win immunity, and at Tiva tribe, Brett tries to vote out Celine for being the least close to him, and for being less of a provider than Michael. Brett gets Cattleya and Vaughn on board, and unsuccessfully talks to Michael, who decides to put aside his differences with Celine and works with her to try and eliminate Cattleya, and at tribal council, Celine becomes the fifth person voted out in a 3-2 vote. Zen then joins Tiva.
Episode 6: Brett, Cattleya, Michael, and Vaughn welcome Zen to their camp, but see him as the biggest threat on their tribe, thinking that Zen got an advantage at Exile, which he did not. Brett looks for and finds the idol, so Zen wouldn't have it, and for future safekeeping. Brett decides to go rogue from his five person alliance and forms a bond with Michael, promising to keep him safe in subsequent tribal councils. At the second reward challenge of the season, Vuku and Jabeni win reward, increasing Tiva's losing streak. At Vuku, Barak's strength in challenges impresses the rest of his tribe, and also makes them see him as a threat. Barak also leaves the alliance he's in. Mike impresses his tribe on Jabeni, making Nevaeh want to blindside him next. Gigi and Michelle bond, and Nevaeh pulls them into an alliance with Eric to vote off Mike if they lose, and the Jabeni tribe indeed loses the immunity challenge. Unfortunately, Nevaeh has to be evacuated due to a medical emergency in her family, and she emotionally leaves the game, leaving her four tribemates to fend for themselves.
Episode 7: The day after Nevaeh leaves the game, the remaining contestants compete in a reward challenge, and Vuku loses their first challenge as a new tribe. After losing the reward, Douglas blames the loss on Rita, and asks the others on his tribe to vote her off. This outburst causes him to be seen as threatening to the other tribe members. Rita leaves her alliance of six, not wanting to be associated with them anymore. Not much happens on the Tiva and Jabeni beach, but the Jabenis lose immunity yet again, and back at camp, Eric and Mike get into a huge fight, and the two begin to target one another. Eric wins the support of Gigi and Michelle, and Mike gets voted out 3-1, becoming the first man to be voted out of this season.
Episode 8: The tribes merge into the Kalokalo tribe, with buffs of light blue. Still in the game is Brett, Cattleya, Douglas, Eric, Gigi, Barak, Luk, Michael, Michelle, Rita, River, Vaughn, and Zen. Michael is angered to see Mike be voted out over Eric, and he makes his thoughts very clear to the other tribe members. Luk, knowing that he'll be targeted for his physical strength, sneaks off and finds the idol. River, knowing that Barak is a sinking ship, flips on him and starts to target him. Barak himself targets Vaughn, who sees the young man as troubled, after Vaughn had an outburst earlier that day. River bonds with Zen and convinces him to join his side. Luk wins immunity, cementing his status as a physical threat, and making the other tribemates want to go after him even more. At tribal council, Eric, Barak, Michelle, and Zen vote off Vaughn, while the rest vote for Barak, and Barak becomes the first juror in a 9-4 vote.
Episode 9: The final 12 compete in the first post merge immunity challenge of the season, which is won by a group consisting of Cattleya, Douglas, Michael, Michelle, Rita, and Zen. Michael and Zen reconcile, as Michael, being on the bottom, needs as many allies as he can get. Michael goes on to win the immunity challenge. Back at camp, Rita leaves her alliance with Cattleya and Luk, and they decide to target her. They get Douglas on board, and Brett calls him out for it, calling him a traitor. In the end, they decide to stick with the original plan to vote out Luk, and Luk plays his idol, sending Rita home in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 10: After the biggest blindside of the season so far, the remaining contestants compete in another reward challenge, minus Luk, who sits out for rice. The group of Cattleya, Gigi, Michelle, Vaughn, and Zen win the reward, and they get to enjoy a burger bar and get their minds out of the game for a bit. When they get back to camp, Gigi and Douglas get into an argument, as Douglas feels like Gigi had never had to work for anything in her life. Brett forms a deal with Michael, and Luk tries to get Michelle to work with him, which fails. Eric wins immunity, and the majority decides that Luk is their best bet to vote out. Douglas and Cattleya vote alongside Luk, but it is not enough, and Luk goes in a 8-3 vote.
Episode 11: After Luk's vote off, Cattleya and Douglas are on the bottom, with really nowhere to go. Brett forms a new alliance, with Gigi, Cattleya, and Vaughn, and soon enough, Michael figures out that alliance. He talks to the outsiders, which all turn against Brett, and their first target is the one who they think is the most likely to go on an immunity streak- Vaughn. When Brett, Douglas, Eric, Michelle, and Zen win reward, Brett tries to get Eric and Michelle to join his alliance, and it fails, since both of them were pro-Michael. Brett saves himself from being tenth by winning immunity, and the majority of the tribe is ready to vote Vaughn out. Thinking he has the majority to take out Douglas, he chooses not to play his idol on Vaughn, and Vaughn becomes the fourth member of the jury in a 6-4 vote. Back at camp, Cattleya confronts her tribe about who flipped, and takes out her anger on Eric, but forms a bond with Michelle, for some odd reason. Michelle looks for and finds the idol that Luk used a couple episodes before, and keeps it to herself. Cattleya wins immunity, and Michael decides to cut the head off the snake, so Brett becomes the next big target. Luckily for him, he has the idol, so at tribal council, he plays said idol, and takes out Eric in a 3-0 vote.
Episode 12: Brett goes off and looks for an idol, unable to trust his tribemates, but is unsuccessful. The remaining contestants get a visit from their loved ones, and the group of River and Zen win reward, and they bring Gigi and Michelle along. Michelle bonds with River, and Cattleya and Zen also bond, but nobody decides to flip. The majority decide to target Brett again, but Douglas goes rogue and tries to vote for Cattleya, seeing her as more physical than Brett. Michael wins immunity, and at tribal council, Gigi plays her idol for Brett, and Douglas gets voted out 3-1 and becomes the sixth jury member.
Episode 13: During the last reward challenge of the season, Gigi pulls out a tremendous effort and wins the reward, and brings her close allies Cattleya and Brett along. They plot to get rid of Zen, due to how closed off he is, but the majority four, still in power, target Brett for being an all-around threat, and after Michael wins immunity, the final nail in Brett's coffin has been hammered in. He makes a desperate plea to stay in the game at tribal council, but it is to no avail, and he gets voted out in a 4-3 vote and becomes the seventh member of the jury.
Finale: Six players remain: Cattleya, Gigi, Michael, Michelle, River, and Zen. Michelle impresses the rest of the team, but some also start to see her as a goat, since she played a very safe game. Gigi wins immunity and shares the reward with Cattleya and Michael, thinking the latter would flip. He doesn't. Gigi and Cattleya target Zen again, while Michael targets Cattleya as the only person in the minority that he still hasn't vote off. At tribal council, Cattleya is voted off in a 4-2 vote. Michael wins his fourth immunity of the game, if he were to win one more, he would tie the record for most immunity wins with Jerry and Deef. Everyone in the majority, knowing what to do, all vote off Gigi, but Michelle and Zen both play their idols to be safe, and in total negate only one vote, and Gigi becomes the ninth jury member. After almost three hours, Zen beats out comp beast Michael in the final immunity challenge, but feeling indebted towards him, and the fact that River and Michelle hadn't done much to prove themselves, he puts Michelle and River in the fire making challenge, and River is able to win, making Michelle the ninth and final jury member. In the first all male final tribal council since Arabia, the final three consists of Michael, River, and Zen. River is called out for making big moves over good moves, Zen got flack for having no social game while having decent everything else, and Michael is considered the best all-arounder, even though he relied on challenges, he never got a single vote throughout the game, and the jury decides that it's good enough, and so Michael wins in a 6-4-0 vote, losing Erik, Gigi, Barak, and Luk's votes, as they vote Zen instead of him. Barak is announced as the fan favorite for being the most relatable person on the Goliath tribe, and for getting voted out in a way that did him dirty.
Winner: Michael Krumptone, u/swoldow
Fan Favorite: Jeremiah Barak, u/zohnster
Next season, we will see the introduction of a new twist called the Edge of Extinction, and four returnees will come back to the game to face off against the 14 newbies. Will a new player win, or will a returning favorite claim the prize? Find out in King's Survivor: Edge of Extinction!
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2020.10.18 04:31 nirunation Found a way to watch Desus Vs Mero and the Desus vs Mero Vice show.

I just finished a huge binge of the old shows and giving the way I watched it.
For Desus vs Mero you should go to the specific playlist. Then right click on the private video you would like to watch copy its link. Then go to and paste the link. But before clicking enter, delete the &list and everything right of it on the link. Then search it up to find an archive of the video from when it wasn't private. Remember to allow the flash player to run to allow the video to be able to be played. Voila, you are now able to watch desus vs mero because Wackademiks got salty and private the videos. I have given a guide to which episodes correspond to the number on the playlist. Also, the audio versions which are extended versions of the show are available on pod bay or stitcher(podbay has all episodes) without going through any of the hassle to watch the videos. Sadly Episode 32 and 37 for the video aren't archived.
For the Vice Show, if you want to watch episodes you have to get a VPN and connect it to an Australian IP address. There is a streaming service that is free called SBS on Demand. It has episodes 61-154 in Season 1 and the last 95 episodes for Season 2. Also, Season 1 expires on SBS on demand on November 14th while Season 2 expires on December 31. Sadly for the other episodes I found no other way but to purchase volumes of the show on Amazon or Google Play(Google Play is cheaper).
Let me know if you are having issues with any of the methods above.
Love to the Bodega Hive family during these tough times
YKTFV The Brand is Strong! ah ah ah!
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2020.10.17 23:12 nightfire505 You Got This and Go Bears

I thought I'd at least try to make a positive post on this thread to balance the "negative energy" going on.
For most redditors in this group who are seeing this on the other side of the screen, this maybe considered another long rant or dense speech.; but I encourage you to take the time to read this because I would like to share something with you:
"You Got This and Go Bears."

This past week appears to have been the break-pointing for many people.
Not just the undergrads, but for the Graduates students like myself, the professors, postdocs, the instructors, and for those who have already graduated from Berkeley.
One my study buddies from Cal recently got laid off, another coworker I know is working at multiple small-time jobs in order to make a living, another Cal grad I know is having a hard time staying healthy while he is living at SF right now.
I saw a lot of people I know withdraw from their work and started to crawl back into their beds and not get back out for days. I've been doing this bad habit as well and end up bingewatching a lot of shows just to get the sense of escapism. It is ok to take breaks and its ok to wanting to get away from all the chaos, but disappearing for far too long will only cause the feeling of isolation to become more painful and severe. Don't get me wrong, I know its hard right now.
I've worked at Cal long enough to see depressing situations bring out the worst in people in almost every parts of the campus (and online); whether its acting snobbish, suspicious, calculative, doubtful, elitist, aggressive, or egocentric.
What worse is that I have seen parts of people enjoy and laugh when horrible and unfortunate things that have consistently happened this year. That "joy" most likely be mistaken for fear, discomfort or stress.
I won't lie, not all of us are experiencing the pain equally; not all of us have the same set of choices right now in front of us. Many of us are fortunate enough to have the support we need right now; but for others, things are much harder. Some of us have families who recently lost their job, close friends who got sick, not able to study at home, lost loved ones, unable to find a job, ... etc.
Because of these differences, and the fact that we are all far away from each other, it makes it easy to forget we are all experiencing pain during the same time.
But we can't let these differences divide us. What is important right now is for all of us to stick together and help each other get through this common pain we all are experiencing; whether it is this semester, the spring semester, throughout this entire pandemic, or throughout our entire lives here on this Earth.
Now, having said all this, there are still bound to be more obstacles and challenges on our way. Many people are worrying over the P/NP situation, the election results, final exams and papers, grants, flu season, ... etc. The point is there is always going to be trouble ahead of us moving forward. There is never going to be a final solution to resolve all our current or future problems like we see in the 22min episodes we binge watch for escapism. What is important is that continue to accept where we are at and try our best to adapt to the situation.
You have to understand that it is during these tough situations that defines your character.
It is not about what you gain, appear, fulfill, produce, or obtain. These will never last.
It's about the set of choices given to you and the decisions you make during the worst of times when you are struggling.
And its ok if you don't feel ready and don't know what to do during those times. As mentioned in one of those famous 22min episodes: "When we reach our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change."
So take this time to consider what you are willing to do for a Change. Take this opportunity to heal and get back on track; spend more time trying to reach out to other people and be open for something different. But don't let the expectations and series of unfortunate events bring out the worst in you; adapt.
Don't be afraid of failure, go out there and fail again. Its ok if things didn't happen the way you wanted them to. What matters is that you tried your best and that is what builds character; that is what lasts.
So Let's try harder to bring the best in each other. Let's be grateful that this community if filled with talented people where you can have someone look up to everyday as an inspiration for becoming a better and stronger person.
So the next time you the words, Go Bears, tell yourself You Got This.
If you need help with any of the following courses (or need someone to give feedback on some social science essay), let me know.
- MCB: 102/100A/100B/103/104/140/110/136
- CHEM: 1A/1B/3A/3B/135/12A/12B
- PHYSICS: 7A/7B/7C/8A/8B
- CS: 61A/61B/61C/70/c100
- MATH: 1A/1B/53/54/55
- EE: 16A/16B
I can help with other psychology, Stats, and EECS courses as well, but I am a bit rusty on some topics and don't have notes fully prepared.
If you are a freshmen, sophmore, or transfer student, let me know which subjects/classes you are interested in knowing more about.
If you need someone to talk to, I'll be happy to be your punching bag for the day :) But if you are stuck being Negative asf you're going to be my punching bag for the day as imma but to slap some sense into you.
I will do my best to help you. I won't give on you as long as you don't give up on yourself.
Don't let everything right now get the best of you.
Like I said before, You Got This and Go Bears.
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2020.10.17 20:41 groveofpeachiness How would you ranking every IASIP duo based off their chemistry

Here's my ranking (I'm only through season 8 so go easy on these)
Duo #10. Mac and Frank: While Rum Ham is a classic moment, I feel like these two don't often get the ability to have their own plot-point together
Duo #9. Charlie and Dee: Again, the've had a lot of great moments together, but just like the last one, the plot doesn't often allow them to have a plot-point together
Duo #8. Frank and Dee: Ever since after season 2, I feel that Frank has been mainly doing things with Charlie or doing things alone rather than with his two children
Duo #7. Dennis and Frank: Same as above
Duo #6. Dennis and Charlie: The best Charlie/Dennis moments occurred when they were with Mac, but they can bounce off each other like gods sometimes
Duo #5. Mac and Dee: Ever since the first episode, this match-up has been amazing. From exploiting a baby, to being racist to make your bar less gay, it's been memorable. But nowhere near the next four
Duo #4. Dennis and Mac: These last four were super tough to rank. The number of episodes with these four duos is crazy. Dennis constantly manipulating Mac in to getting what he wants is always very fun to see and they've had a fair share of nice moments, albeit most of those moments basking in the joy of someone else's suffering, but nice moments nonetheless.
Duo #3. Charlie and Frank: They have a special relationship. I enjoy seeing Frank turn into more and more of a slob throughout the series, and I think I have Charlie to thank for that.
Duo #2. Charlie and Mac: I love seeing what two children would do if they were given the privileges of adults. This duo perfectly encapsulates it.
Duo #1. Dennis and Dee: I couldn't imagine putting anyone else. I believe these two are twins. Every interaction between them is gold. Them constantly thinking that they're above Charlie, Mac, and Frank and then going off to do things that are just as bad, if not worse, then what the other three are doing, simply makes me happy
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2020.10.17 15:24 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 17th, 2020

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2020.10.17 07:41 dating_derp Just finished Dark Matter for the first time. Where's the Petition?

I wasn't that into the show when I first started watching it, but it quickly grew on me. By the end of season 1, I was all aboard the hype train.
Android is by far my favorite character. She is IN-dispensable. 3 had a great turn-around from generic tough guy to a character with depth. 2 and 6 had great twists. And I was sold on 5 from the moment she used the crew's memories as an escape from her own life.
One thing I never really got over was how 1 was taken off the show. His death seemed so sudden! It looked like they were building something interesting for his personal story (just like everyone else's) with the man currently running his company being the one who framed Boone for his wife's murder. Was it something to do with the actor? Did he decide to leave early to pursue another job?
But of course, the biggest disappointment is the show ending before its story could finish being told. Truly the worst part of television is that a distributor could cancel a show early, and then sit on the rights to it, stopping anyone else from finishing it.
I saw the virtual season in the side bar for episodes 401, 402, and 403, and I'll definitely check those out. But if there's some sort of petition that's been going around, I'd love to put my signature on it.
Edit: Two more things.
First, I saw that the cast and creator are active here. So if any of you guys see this, I just wanted you to know that you made something great. There were truly beautiful moments in this show. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Second, I'm currently trying to watch the HomeCon panel they did not too long ago, but my googling skills are failing me. So if anyone's got a link, hook a brotha up.
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2020.10.15 20:46 fr00tbats Ashes to Love - Review with spoilers

I did it at last. Today I reached the end of Season one Episode 63 and I was overwhelmed with emotions from the journey I went on with these characters. However, the last emotion I felt as the trees faded into the last scene, was disappointment. Disappointment at how rushed, inconclusive, and undetailed the ending was. Suddenly Jinmi is dead, suddenly she's reborn in the mortal world, but does she have recollections of who she is? Of what happened? It's insinuated that she does and eventually it's shown she's been the same Jinmi, but how ANTICLIMATIC.
How are they going to build up that much emotion through 63 episodes and have it end on the flattest note of all time? I had a happier ending with Eternal Love, and that ending was atrocious as well. What's the point of dragging out 63 episodes of story if you're to rush the entire ending in less than half an episode? We saw shallow glimpses of the lives they lead now with little to no foreshadowing or atonement.
I, for one, am disappointed that Jinmi lost her entire ability to be innocent after returning from the mortal world. It's like she became a new person entirely and wasn't herself anymore after a single trauma story line in the mortal world!
I'm disappointed that we didn't really get to understand at all how Jinmi's soul came to survive and what the Time Lock in the Floral Realm actually did. There are so many open ended, unanswered questions and story lines begging to be more fleshed out!
All in all, if you have doubts about watching this, DON'T. There is a happy ending, but it's a bland one, as can be expected from Asian dramas. But, if you can tough out the story line, you might find it different than I.
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2020.10.15 17:10 kjmichaels Climbing Mount Readmore: Reading Our Top Fantasy Novels Part 26 - 20-16

Welcome to a shift in reviewing approach. For the past 25 posts I've been using an unstated metric of "is this book worth reading?" for each book I've reviewed. I can't tell you when I decided that or if I was even aware that was the question I was answering for much of this list but if you go back and read up through book 21, you will find that each entry is approached as whether or not the book is worth reading. And that's a fine approach for the most part but at the end of the day, aren't most things worth reading from some point of view? I'd argue yes because even bad books can teach you what not to do or what things you don't like.
So with these final 20 entries, I thought it might be time to take a different approach. These are the absolute most popular books on the sub if our list is to be believed and I presume that most people who have been here longer than a minute have heard these stories mentioned frequently in passing. These books are likely assumed to be worthwhile because of their immense popularity so judging them on a scale of whether or not they actually are worthwhile is kind of unnecessary. You probably don't come across many posts about whether or not Black Jewels is a good series on this sub but you'll trip and fall over a pile of Kingkiller opinions on an hourly basis. And that is partially reflected in the fact that I've already read the first books of 19 of these top 20 books well before I began this project so almost the entire remainder of this experiment will be rereads. Simply put, if I already read most of these books when I wasn't trying to finish this list, that gives us some evidence that the average Fantasy user will try a good number of these without prompting.
Instead, I am switching gears and changing one of the bullet points to "What is a similar novel that deserves a chance?" to maybe try to highlight books that do similar things or have similar themes that, for whatever reason, don't get anywhere near the same amount of attention on this sub. Occasionally, I will probably run into books that I don't know a similar type of book to and when that happens I will say so plainly and throw the question out to you, the commenters, to see if you have suggestions for what could be good books to try from here. Because what's the point of Climbing Mount Readmore if we don't pile the mountain even higher at the last section of the climb, eh?
Each month I will be reading 5 books from our Top Novels of 2018 list until I have read the starting book from each series. When we last checked in, I nearly finished 24-21. Now we go from 20 to 16:
20. Dune by Frank Herbert, Book 1 of the Dune Chronicles (17 on the 2019 list)
Paul Atreides is the son of a prominent Duke in the Padishah Empire. When the family's ancestral enemy, the Harkonnen's, lose control of the spice planet Arrakis, the Atreides are sent to reassert order but the appointment is a trap. The Harkonnens kill Paul's father with the help of the Emperor's elite troops and leave him to fend for himself on the desert planet where danger lurks at every turn.
What oddly perfect timing to reread Dune with the movie just around the corner (editor's note: hahaha, nope). I first read Dune sometime in middle school and while that wasn't a bad time to read it, it certainly isn't the best time to tackle something this complex either and I'm sure I missed a lot of political and religious theming the first time around. I feel that Dune is at its heart an examination of the chosen one storyline in a unique and interesting way (being especially interested in how the accrual of power makes Paul less human and more alien) but that its main appeal has always been its political worldbuilding and the engaging complexity of the strange space feudalism that it has set up. The worldbuilding of the story is impressive in a lot of ways and it wears its thematic ambitions on its sleeve with a surprising confidence that honestly feels like it should ding the novel for being a little too transparent in what it wants to do but I personally think adds a lot of charm to the story. The characters of this book are also surprisingly memorable given what little page time some of them occupy. I remember actually cheering internally when Gurney Halleck and Duncan Idaho popped up because I'd been wondering when I'd finally get to see two characters I remembered so distinctly for decades and was surprised that Duncan in particular only has a couple pages of appearances for how well I remember him. There's a real skill in being able to leave an impression with these characters in such a short time.
On the negative end, the ending is abrupt. Not necessarily bad, mind you, but the climax, resolution, and denouement are kind of all wrapped into a single short chapter that can catch you off guard when it feels like there could be a good 40 pages of story left. I also think the novel loses some spark when the focus shifts from the political intrigue to the Fremen sections. Paul just becomes a less interesting character as he becomes a prophet with incredible quasi-mystical powers and while I do think that was a deliberate choice on Herbert's part that was made after careful consideration to advance themes he was interested in exploring, moves that make characters less interesting are always a mistake to my mind even if done with the best of intentions. This leaves the last 1/3rd of the book feeling a bit listless and adrift as it tries to marry its theme to something narratively compelling and I'm not sure it ever quite finds the right balance.
So Dune is well worth a read and the intricacies of this book can be truly marvelous but it's also definitely uneven and I can see how it would be divisive. It's one of those books that is easier to appreciate than it is to read.
19. Worm by Wildbow, Book 1 of the Parahumans Universe (21 on the 2019 list)
Taylor Hebert is a cape, a superhuman who uses her superpowers for either good or evil. Although she wants to be a hero, she quickly falls in with a crowd of villains and circumstances prevent her from crossing over to the good side. With her power over insects and a team of villains who give her a feeling of belonging that she never experienced in real life, Taylor is on her way to becoming one of the most dangerous supervillains in Brockton Bay.
Okay so this is the biggest logistical issue I've ever encountered in this series. Worm is estimated to be more than 7,000 pages long, far longer than would be possible to print in a traditionally published book and longer than a majority of the books considered to be the longest novels ever written. Now I'm no slouch as a reader; last year I read just over 100 books totaling just under 42,000 pages. And if I do some math here, at that speed it would take me 2 full months of daily reading to read Worm alone and I still wouldn't have time for the other 4 books. What I'm saying is there is basically no possible way I could have read this book in one month so I was forced to only read up to the Insinuation chapter of Worm in order to cover a feasible amount of the book. Luckily, this is a reread so I know what comes next but I sadly couldn't reread all of it for this series.
Worm is both a fascinating book and a wildly uneven book. The applications of superpowers are clever, the twists are surprising, and the characters are generally complex and interesting. On the other hand the writing quality is mediocre, the pacing is all over the map, and there's an absurd amount of unneeded detail that bogs down many sections of this book. All of this makes for a bit of a mess. You get to see Taylor grow in complicated and interesting ways but then most of her narration will be devoted to exposition. There will be unique powers used in interesting ways in engaging action scenes but the plot will muddle around for long stretches of time rather than getting to the point. What I'm saying is that the story can be wildly uneven and badly needs some editing which makes a lot of sense for a web novel where rushing out weekly installments is more important than polish. Unfortunately, I think the one thing I've really cemented for myself through this series is that I need the polish and even while I appreciate the creativity and dedication of web novelists, they mostly aren't to my tastes even when they're good. Worm is probably the best of what I've read from the web serials in this series and the absurd degree to which this world is built out is honestly staggering. If nothing else, Wildbow deserves props for writing a single story that feels as dense, fleshed out, and sprawling as entire comics universes run by teams of people and the core cast of characters is well written enough that you can easily get attached to them even if other parts of the story may fall flat frequently.
One of my least favorite aspects of this book is the interlude chapters, all of which follow a predictable and uninteresting formula: see a random character performing mundane tasks, learn the random character is really some important cape, imply big events are on the horizon, return to character performing mundane tasks. Lather, rinse, repeat. These sections don't add much to the book beyond largely unnecessary foreshadowing and once you catch on to the formula, they quickly lose any impact since the interludes also tend not to have much of an effect on future plot (excepting a few outliers) and they are far too lengthy considering they usually boil down to showing minor characters in an slightly different light which . Wildbow also has issues with overexplaining everything to the point that he was essentially forced by fans to make a character that will never get any explanation solely so that some mystery can exist in this world. I kind of find this amusing because when you hear the monstrous Sleeper mentioned frequently in passing without any additional information next to paragraphs of text explaining the process by which Taylor makes her costumes, it becomes kind of obvious that the mystery of what Sleeper did is only a mystery because Sleeper has no backstory and won't be getting one.
I think Worm is ultimately an incredibly unique read that can be a lot of fun if you can ignore some pretty major flaws. I certainly don't think it's one of the greatest books or even a great book but I can definitely see that it has its charms and if you want a book that delves deeply into superheroes and the minutiae of their world, then you probably won't come away from this story disappointed.
18. Fifth Season by NK Jemisin, Book 1 of the Broken Earth trilogy (14 on the 2019 list)
Essun is an orogene, a magic wielder with incredible control over the earth, seismic activity, and minor control over heat and cold who are greatly feared by normal people. When an earthquake reveals that her children are also orogenes, her husband kills their son and flees with their daughter, causing Essun to try desperately to pursue them in the hopes that she can save her daughter from also being killed. The only problem is that a Fifth Season has descended upon the world, a time of immense ecological upheaval that can last for years and always comes close to wiping out society.
Few books are as widely praised as Jemisin's modern insta-classic, with its 3 Hugos and various other nominations. Is this book really that good? Well, yes. From its effortless conversational prose to the arresting characters to the blending of interesting magic and tech for a science fantasy work that feels wholly original, Fifth Season is kind of a wonder. Essun is immediately compelling as a woman who loses everything when her family and by extension her village learn that she is an orogene and her son dies a brutal death at her husband's hand. I'm not always a fan of the "someone close to the hero dies to drive the story" trope but here it feels well done especially as the way the story unfolds lets us learn just how important it was to Essun that she have a family. And her story is mirrored in the stories of Syenite and Damaya who show us just what kind of prejudice and social control orogenes are subjected too in their everyday life. The interplay between these stories and how the all inform each other even without overlapping does a lot to flesh out the world and make the story feel cohesive in a way that few multi POV fantasy stories ever truly manage. And sure, part of that is because all three main characters are just the same character at different points in her life but it's still well done and works even before that aspect comes into focus. The worldbuilding though may be the real standout here as few stories manage to intertwine the world of the story with the plot as thoroughly as Jemisin has. The destructive Fifth Seasons that periodically ravage the world have to a complete reorganization of society along small, self-sustaining communities (comms) where everyone must know their place in order to have even the slimmest chance of survival. It's a sad necessity but it is also a breeding ground of traditionalism and tyranny as individuality and novelty are stamped out brutally as threatening the security of the comm. Much of Essun's story centers on this conflict of needing a comm to survive while she is acutely aware that the overwhelming majority of comms will be eager to control her at best or kill her at worst. It's the hedgehog's dilemma extrapolated to an entire society with even greater stakes than just loneliness.
On the negative end... I don't actually have a lot negative things about this one. A lot of the most common complaints I've seen, I actually tend to think are misplaced. One complaint I've seen a lot is that the sexual explicitness of the relationship with Innon and Alabaster was off putting which was always surprising to me because I didn't really remember that scene when people mentioned. Upon rereading, I was surprised to find that said scene is one paragraph long. I'm a bit flabbergasted here. I'm not going to say it's an amazing scene or anything but the amount of complaints I've seen about this scene in proportion to how much of the book it takes up feels seriously overblown. Another common complaint is that Essun is too cold in the beginning of the book but I personally think the novel does a great job showing right upfront how emotional overload has caused her to basically shut down because she just can't process anything new.
Fifth Season is an incredible work and has been rightfully praised all around. I loved it even before I started this series and rereading has affirmed that it is as good as I remember. I've got nothing bad to say about it other than that its sequels never manage to be quite as good as the first entry but that's still no reason not to check it out if you haven't yet.
17. Red Rising by Pierce Brown, Book 1 of the Red Rising Saga (22 on the 2019 list)
Darrow is a Red, a member of a laboring underclass that mines helium underneath Mars' surface. By happenstance he is inducted into the Sons of Ares who reveal that Mars is already a habitable planet and that Reds are being tricked into needless subservience. So Darrow joins them and is given the task of infiltrating the society of Golds, Mars' ruling class, so that he can bring it down from the inside only to find himself caught in the Passage, a test for Golds to use subterfuge and force to kill off half of their peers in order to prove themselves worthy of maintaining their positions at the top of society.
I sear I have the worst luck with the color-based books in this list. Warbreaker, Lightbringer, and now Red Rising, I'm starting to think that that having a magic or tech system based off of color is a clear sign that the concept still needs some work. I'm not sure the smorgasbord smash up of Roman Empire meets the light spectrum makes a ton of sense. It feels like pretty lazy worldbuilding even with the excuse of genetic engineering to explain why everyone's specific social status can be readily seen by skin color. This kind of racism via genetic engineering is interesting in theory but feels kind of shallow as a worldbuilding concept and incredibly shallow as a thematic concept as I think it winds up boiling racism down a little too much to the system that made it . It reminds me a bit of Brave New World and how they had different strata of people who were engineered to different levels of thought in that way but the overcomplexity of the multi-caste system also makes it rather awkward. I don't exactly know what to do with a concept that is too straightforward in concept but also too complicated in execution where there are some fifteen colors of people and range in applicability from overly broad reds for laborers to the possibly to granular 3 different colors for different types of military/police. The real problem here though is that a lot of this story feels like another by the numbers military school story with a Hunger Games gloss thrown over it to make it more dangerous and I don't think Brown brought enough innovation to the genre to keep me hooked even if there are a handful of unique and interesting concepts that keep it from being completely generic.
There are still interesting things going on here, mostly in fairly well-written and engaging action and partially in how this book portrays class uprising (though as I mentioned, I'm not sure it handles that super well). Class uprisings don't get a lot attention in fantasy (I'm not as sure about how much attention they get in sci fi) and it's nice to see stories told from the perspective of people who know they are being mistreated and want to achieve equality. That said, a lot of the book is told from the perspective of Darrow as he is with the upper classes so we don't get too much time with the underclass and I think that may be to the story's detriment. I also think the characters are largely likable which does forgive a lot even if I wasn't super invested in their story. Darrow in particular largely manages to avoid the boring ultracompetent protagonist mode that many battle school protagonists fall into and you feel like he really does come to earn his place rather than luck into it through narrative contrivance.
So yeah, it's basically Hunger Games in space. The book is probably about as good as that sounds to you. Personally, I think this is probably fine as an entertaining read but I felt bored with it too often to give a real recommendation. Check it out if battle schools are your bread and butter but I'm not sure it has any real appeal beyond that crowd.
16. Senlin Ascends by Josiah Bancroft, Book 1 of the Books of Babel (same position on the 2019 list)
Schoolmaster Thomas Senlin has just been married to the love of his life and he knows exactly where to spend his honeymoon: the tower of Babel. Except Senlin is tragically underprepared for how crazy the tower is and loses his wife to the tower within minutes of arriving. Senlin must ascend the tower itself, driving deeper into the heart of this strange world he does not understand if he has any hope of rescuing her.
It's kind of shocking in retrospect that this was the book that made it big from SPFBO. It's not that it's not good (it is and we'll dive into that soon) but it's just so unique that it's hard to imagine that it ever would have had a path to success. I know one of the big selling points of self pubbed works is that they can be unlike traditionally published works but this one seems like it could have stretched what people would accept to its limits. But that's where the many charms and strengths of this novel come in to reassure people. Senlin is a remarkably well drawn character. He is both a bit of a coward and extremely naive but also extremely committed to his wife and willing to do anything for her. The book does not shy away from Senlin's flaws and confronts them head on throughout the book and much of the story really is about Senlin learning to survive the tower and to become a strong enough person to even become capable of looking for his wife. Combined with this is the excellent worldbuilding of the tower, a unique mechanical monstrosity filled to the brim with dozens of idiosyncratic cultures that are both believable and fascinating. Bancroft also manages to keep the prose sparkling and lighthearted in spite of the potentially dark subject matter of a kidnapped wife which keeps the novel engaging and fun even as it explores the various ways in which the tower preys on unsuspecting people like Senlin in ways that are troubling and even seem to indicate incredible malice on the part of the tower's ruling class.
It's not all peaches and cream, of course. The book has a largely episodic structure even as it is driven by a search for Senlin's missing love and this can lead to forgettable installments that don't always tie back into the main story in satisfying ways. I also imagine the strangeness of the book might be a little offputting to people who aren't prepared for it. And the book can be a bit awkwardly paced as well since the plot doesn't move along in a straightforward manner. It is far twistier with setbacks and uncertainties galore and depending on what you read for that can either up the surprise factor or frustrate you when the plot seems to spiral a bit.
Verdict: this may be one of the most unique entries in the top 20. It's certainly an outlier in terms of subject matter and delivery. It's worth checking out for that reason along but it's also very good on top of that. I personally think this whole top novels list could stand to have a few more entries as innovative as this book.
And that's it for this month! Be sure to check back same time next month. As always, feel free to comment with your thoughts on any of these books and their respective series. Contrary opinions are especially welcome as I'd like to know what people saw in these series that I didn't.
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2020.10.15 15:47 readingrachelx Housewife highlights/Daily shit talk - October 15th, 2020

There's a lot today so I'm splitting it up by franchise.
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Tough Love  Season 1, Episode 3 - YouTube Tough Love  Season 2, Episode 2 - YouTube Tough Love  Season 3, Episode 2 - YouTube Tough Love  Season 3, Episode 3 - YouTube Tough Love  Season 2, Episode 3 - YouTube Tough Love  Season 3, Episode 5 - YouTube Tough Love  Series Finale (Plus Special Surprise) - YouTube Tough Love  Season 2, Episode 3 Tough Love  Season 3, Episode 1 - YouTube Tough Love  Season 3, Episode 4 - YouTube

Tough Love - The Official Rookie Wiki

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**WATCH THE FAREWELL BONUS EPISODE NOW*** CREDITS MONICA Natalie Jacobs QUINCY Jordan Ryan Barton ALICIA Ebony Obsidian JORDAN Verina Bank... ***Subscribe and Share NOW!*** CAST MONICA Natalie Jacobs ALICIA Ebony Obsidian JORDAN Verina Banks QUINCY Jordan Ryan Barton JACKSON Bradley Clarke JASON Ma... If You Enjoyed, Please Share!! MONICA Natalie Jacobs QUINCY Jordan Ryan Barton ALICIA Ebony Obsidian JORDAN Verina Banks JACKSON Bradley Clarke JASON Malik R... ***Share and Subscribe Now*** MONICA Natalie Jacobs QUINCY Jordan Ryan Barton ALICIA Ebony Obsidian JORDAN Verina Banks JACKSON Bradley Clarke JASON Malik Ra... If you enjoyed the episode, SHARE IT! In partnership with Airtime; download Airtime on your phone to group video chat with up to 10 friends while watching ... CHECK OUT THE BONUS SCENE FROM SEASON 2, EPISODE 1 Follow Us: https://www.Faceboo... TO STAY UPDATED ON TOUGH LOVE - SUBSCRIBE NOW!** Follow Us: NEXT EPISODE - January 31st at 9:30 pm EST*** Follow Us: Season Finale - February 14th at 9:30 pm EST*** Join us for the Finale Party in ... **TO STAY UPDATED ON TOUGH LOVE - SUBSCRIBE NOW!** Follow Us: https://w... SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL TO WATCH NEW EPISODES EVERY OTHER TUESDAY! Six millennials, living in New York City, all have differing ideals and desires when it c... If you enjoyed this, please SHARE IT. CAST Monica Natalie Jacobs Alicia Ebony Obsidian Jordan Verina Banks Quincy Jordan Barton Jackson Bradley Clarke Jason ...