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2020.04.02 20:39 fleza_ Tuck Everlasting appreciation post

That's it. Just like. Listen to this freaking musical. It's by far my favorite and it is WAY too underappreciated. It'll make you laugh, cry, and the story is so beautifully crafted. Listen to Time, Partner In Crime, Seventeen, and Live Like This and you'll get a pretty good picture. Go ahead and check it out when you can. It was on Broadway for one month and features amazing singers like Andrew Keenan-Bolger who played Crutchie in Newsies, Michael Wartella who played Mike Teevee in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory on Broadway, the amazingly talented Sarah Charles-Lewis. So yeah.
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2015.05.08 04:03 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Jesse Tyler Ferguson — Mitchell Pritchett on “Modern Family” and founder of Tie The Knot, soon to be delivering thousands of same-sex wedding invites to The Supreme Court Justices. AMA!

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Hey Jesse, love modern family it always cheers me up. My question is, what advice would you give to the young teenage LGBT community who are going through difficult times either with coming out, being bullied etc? Well, i can relate to that. i was bullied a LOT growing up. I found activities outside of school that interested me. (Community Theater was my salvation). I think the most important thing to do is find people you are safe around and who you can talk to. The internet is a great resource now too. The world is so much bigger than it was when I was a kid. Facebook, Instagram, TrevorProject, Trevor Space are all great ways of expanding your universe and finding people who understand you.
Do you ever see you guys doing a Modern Family live episode? And who do you think could really rock a Tie The Knot? I don't see a live episode happening...but who knows? I think George Clooney need to rock a Tie The Knot Bow Tie...or Obama! I know they are both Marriage Equality advocates! Maybe POTUS will wear one on decision day in June!
Hi Jesse! I loved the episodes you did on Web Therapy. What was it like making those episodes? I'm obsessed with LIsa Kudrow. She was a dream to work with. Very collaborative. I was very intimidated by her when we started but she instantly made me feel comfortable...we basically just played all day on the Web Therapy set!
Hi Jesse! Is filming in mockumentary style more difficult than the traditional format? I LOVE performing for a live studio audience...but doing a show like Modern Family is great because it works a different set of muscles as an actor. I really enjoy the subtleties you can bring to the format of our show.
How can a small town suburban soccer mom support marriage equality? It's not an issue I relate to but I am for equal rights for all and am not sure how to show it! Thats great & you CAN relate to it BECAUSE you want rights for all! You can spread the word about accepting all people. I think the best way to support is thru love and acceptance. You can also buy Tie The Knot bow ties for your family and friends! :)
Hi Jesse! Thanks for doing this AMA. Did I see Justin in DC handing out bow ties and Save the Dates? You DID! we are so proud that he could be on the steps of SCOTUS for that historical day!!! It meant a lot to all of us at Tie The Knot to be able to be a presence on that day. Did you get a bow tie?
Hi Jesse! Thank you so much for everything you do for the LGBT community! Its because of people like you that we are finally getting the rights that we deserve. My question is, what triggered your desire to be an activist? Was it a specific moment in your life or was it just a general need for change? Having been bullied as a kid i really felt for people who felt marginalized or "less than". i wanted to use my new platform to help people. justin, my husband has been an amazing partner in helping me make those ideas a reality. he is equally passionate and has great ideas.
Do you defend pandas in court? Kidding. What's it like working with Nathan Lane? He's a comic genius. (Lane...not the panda). I feel so lucky that I get to work with him whenever his schedule allows for him to fly to LA and be on our show!
Hi Jesse! My boyfriend just introduced me to Modern Family a few months ago, and I have been binge watching to catch up! I was just wondering, what is the harshest thing you've ever experienced at an audition? How did you overcome it? You have to have a tough skin of you want to be an actor. I have heard everything from "you aren't talented and you won't make it" to "you aren't tall enough"... Best think is to know your self worth and have faith in your talent.
What is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Collaborate and be open to all ideas...even if they may see dumb. it's great to try stuff. sometimes the best ideas are born from things that seem ridiculous.
Where was favorite location to shoot Modern Family? We love traveling for the show. australia was really fun because it felt like a family vacation. also disneyland was a blast! Where should we go next?
Hi Jesse. Over past times, a lot of straight actors would play gay characters. Do you think has changed more over the years ? How would you feel about the opposite - acting a straight character role ? I think all actors should be able to play anything. we are actors. I have played straight roles and Eric Stonestreet is playing a gay role now. I hope that the stigma is slowly lifting.
Hi Jesse!!! I think you are an amazing actor and I admire your drive to fight for marriage equality; you seem to be full of passion and joy. I was wondering if that was always the case or if you ever felt - like so many of us do at times - that things would not get better? I always knew that there were people outside of my hometown that would love me for who I was. I also had a supportive family. Many people don't. I STRONGLY suggest as a resource if you are feeling alone. They are amazing.
What is like to do talk shows like jimmy fallon and ellen? Do you get nervous or are they laid back? Both Jimmy and Ellen are really nice and make me feel very comfortable but dong talkshows is always a little stressful.
I love the bow ties. I wear bow ties regularly, as a school teacher, and to able to look great and support a meaningful cause is incredible, I just wanted to thank you for that. Now for my question; Celebrity you've met who totally surprised you, in a good way!, with their demeanor and mannerisms? LOVE that you love the bow ties! Thankyou!!! Julianne Moore is one of the most gracious people I have ever met...not that I wasn't expecting her to be...but I am just such a fan of's nice when the people you admire are so lovely.
Hi Jesse, I'm asking this question on behalf of my fiancé. Who was the best person to work with on sytycd? Have you kept up with any of the dancers from the show? I LOVE everyone on SYTYCD but Cat and I have become very close. I keep up with Melanie, Nico & Ricky a bit. and I am good friends with Travis Wall!
How often do you hit the gym and what exercises do you do to stay in shape? Do you have fitness role models? I try and stay fit and active but I always wish I could do more...or look better. I like to eat too much! I'm a foodie.
Besides Modern Family, what other current TV series would you want to be part of? I am obsessed with Portlandia and Inside Amy Schumer. Also, I would love to work with Tina Fey and/or Amy Poehler someday.
Hey, Jesse! What's the funniest thing that's ever happened on any set you've been on? Also, what movie or show never fails to make you laugh? Thanks for doing this AMA. I love Modern Family! It was pretty funny when Sofia was supposed to say " "Manny why are you hanging upside down" and instead she said "Manny why are you hanging Sunny Side Up"
What's your least favorite type of person? A close minded person who feels they are u not capable of growth or change. a stubborn person.
What episode has been your favorite to film? I love shooting the wedding episodes. also the episode at the roller rink was really fun.
Is your relationship with Justin at all like Mitchell's relationship with Cam ? Not at all! i think i have to work harder on my "marriage to cam" than I do on my marriage to Justin! Ha!
Do you think the recent changes across the U.S. on gay marriage bans will ultimately change the minds of the Supreme Court justices to allow it to be legal? I think people can see that denying a group of minorities their civil rights is not a good thing. It is becoming harder and harder to justify.
Hi Jesse! I was just watching last week's episode today. So, what's the real value on your sofa? Only the set designers at Modern Family know that. I assume its not as much as the characters say it is.
Do you think it's cool if a girl wears a bow tie? YES! for SURE! what about in your hair? or around your neck...just as cool!
Who is your closet Broadway actor friend? BTW I'm flying from Japan to NY to see you on the Tempest!!! Already worried if I can get a ticket on that day... I have many! Celia Keenan Bolger is one of my besties. But I also am close with Idina Menzel, Audra McDonald & Lea DeLaria.
Hey Jesse, big fan! What has it been like to watch all the kids on Modern Family grow up? i.e. Nolan, Ariel, Rico, Aubrey, and Sarah? They are the greatest kids. They are all driving now! I want them to stay little!!!
Who are your acting idols? Madeline Kahn, Steve Martin, Robin Williams.
Which director would you love to work with in film at some point? My friend Liz Banks! She just directed Pitch Perfect 2.
Hey Jesse, huge fan! I was just wondering what your favourite Shakespearean Character is and why? I love the Dromios in Comedy of Errors. I also love Bottom in Midsummer.
Who is most like their character in Modern Family? I guess joe the baby and stella the dog.
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